Arnelle Simpson (OJ Simpson Daughter) Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth

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Arnelle Simpson

Most people get famous through hard work, while many become famous because of being related to a renowned personality. Arnelle Simpson is a mix of both. She is the daughter of the favorite NFL player OJ Simpson. Arnelle Simpson teaches us what a loyal kid is like. We will read more about her life in this article.

Many controversies exist regarding Arnelle Simpson’s father, OJ Simpson. He has been alleged of murders and other heinous crimes. It was suspected that OJ brutally murdered her ex-wife and her friend. Arnelle Simpson always stood up for her father in courtroom trials. Please read this article to learn more about Arnelle Simpson, including her biography, net worth, etc.

Arnelle Simpson Biography

Arnelle Simpson was born on December 4th, 1968, in the United States of America. She is currently 53 years old. Arnelle Simpson is well-known because of her father, OJ Simpson. Orenthal James Simpson, also called Juice, is a former American football player. Arnelle’s mother is Marguerite L. Whitley. Arnelle is the eldest daughter of OJ Simpson. Arnelle was quite famous since childhood, all thanks to her father’s extravagant career.

Arnelle Simpson was raised alongside three siblings. Her younger brothers were Jason Simpson and Aaren Simpson. Both boys were born in 1970 and 1977, respectively. Regrettably, Aaren lost her life when he was only two due to drowning in the family swimming pool.

OJ Simpson and Marguerite divorced in 1979. It is known that in 1977, shortly after the birth of Aaren, OJ started dating Nicole Brown. Their relationship was the leading cause of the divorce between Marguerite and OJ. After the couple divorced, Arnelle Simpson began living with her mother, Marguerite, in her apartment. OJ Simpson lived with her new girlfriend, Nicole. Things became quite bizarre when the news of the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman hit the streets. Ron Goldman was a good friend of Nicole. The prime suspect of the murder was OJ Simpson.

OJ Simpson Daugther – Murder Case And Controversies

After OJ Simpson was alleged of the murder of Nicole and Ron, he was frequently summoned to court. Arnelle Simpson paid her debts by showing up for her father in courtroom trials. She defended her father in every possible way. If we go into more detail regarding the murder, it is said that the murder took place in 1994. Nicole and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death just outside their house. OJ Simpson was immediately suspected and was called to court. However, OJ did not show up at first and tried to go undercover. Soon he was arrested and brought to court.

However, there was not a single piece of solid evidence that could prove OJ guilty. The court trial continued for 11 months until, finally, OJ Simpson was given the verdict of not guilty for the two murders he alleged.

OJ Simpson Daughter’s Personal Life And Relationships

There are rumors regarding the past relationships of Arnelle Simpson. She has been rumored to have dated well-known celebrities. According to theories, Arnelle Simpson started dating famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal in 1995. It is said that this relationship did not continue for long, and later Arnelle Simpson started dating rapper Anthony Treach.

However, there are no confirmed reports to prove these relationships. It is confirmed that Arnelle Simpson is currently single and has not married anyone in her life before. She is not engaged in a relationship and does not have any kids as of now. As for the personal life of Arnelle Simpson, we do not know much, as she has kept a pretty low profile after the courtroom trials.

Her social media handles are not that active. She only has a handful of Instagram followers and is not active on other social media platforms.

Arnelle Simpson Net Worth, Height, Weight, Color, And More

Arnelle Simpson’s primary source of income is not known to us. Nonetheless, she enjoys the massive fortune of her father, OJ. Arnelle Simpson’s current net worth is around $3 million.

Arnelle has black hair and eyes. She is currently 53 years old. Further information regarding Arnelle Simpson, including her height, weight, and shoe size, is not known to us. We will update more details about her in the future.

A Few Last Words

Arnelle Simpson is quite famous because of her father, OJ. During her life, she has supported her father in his courtroom trials and become part of many controversies. Her primary source of income is unknown, but we know that she inherited the partial fortune of her father, OJ.

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