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TikTok is a famous short-form video hosting platform that allows users from all around the globe to create their accounts and furnish content for others to see. The platform is owned by a Chinese company known as ByteDance. The application allows videos of a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. TikTok is available in over 150 countries and has more than a billion users.

TikTok coins are an in-app currency used in the application for various purposes. The coins can be used to send gifts to your famous creator on TikTok. Similarly, sending them coins or diamonds can appreciate someone’s work. This primary tipping method can be carried out through TikTok coins that can be bought with real money. As TikTok coins are expensive, most users fail to get enough of them. is an online generator of TikTok coins that allows users to get free coins!

Well, all that glitters is not gold. Hence, we have decided to test out online generator ourselves. Keep reading this post till the end to learn if is a real deal or just another scam.

More about Online Generator is an online website that acts as a TikTok coin generator. There are a few series of steps that you need to complete in order to get free TikTok coins. The coins are said to be sent directly to your TikTok account, and you can use them generally without paying a dime.

However, as good as it sounds, these online generators are usually just a way to waste people’s time and endorse third-party advertisements and products that helps them earn money. Do not worry; we have tried out the portal ourselves and explained in detail all steps you will need to complete to get free coins.

How to Get Free TikTok Coins from Online Generator

In case you are willing to try out for generating free coins for your account, have a look at the step-by-step procedure explained from our side. Follow the steps to learn if it is really possible to earn coins from the portal or not:

  1. Make sure that your device has a secure internet connection. Open any web browser and search for You may also directly enter in the URL field and press enter to go to the generator website.
  2. Once you successfully open the website on your browser, you will see a homepage with a blue theme color.
  3. An introductory paragraph says that you need to specify the number of coins you want and then go through several steps to get those coins in your account. Let’s try it out!
  4. Scroll down and choose the coins amount from the drop-down option. You can choose a minimum of 5,000 TikTok coins and a maximum of 1,000,000 coins.
  5. After clicking on the desired amount, click on generate.
  6. Now a pop-up screen will ask for your TikTok username and the device on which you use TikTok (Android or iOS). Press continue after entering the details.
  7. After clicking on continue, the website will process your request and show the generation of coins. Eventually, the process moves towards automatic verification that fails.
  8. You are not required to carry out manual human verification to get the coins in your account.
  9. Click on the verify option, and you will be redirected to another website where you will be asked to complete a short survey, including downloading applications and other stuff.

Does Really Work?

No, it does not. Online generator apps requiring human verification for coins and other virtual currencies are quite a common scam if you are still unknown to them. It requires you to download third-party applications from which these websites earn a commission. You will never get your TikTok coins from this method, as it is entirely fake. We tried all the steps by entering a fake idea, which still generated coins for us.

It is not recommended to use these online generators as they never work. All the reviews on the website are fake and keep refreshing with the latest time stamp. A person with minimal computer knowledge can quickly discover that the generator is fraudulent and does not work.

A Few Last Thoughts

We never endorse unfair applications and scams to our readers. We recommend all our readers only earn virtual currencies through fair means. and other online generators can pose a security threat to your device by installing third-party applications containing harmful viruses!

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