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Bussin Snacks Review: How to Get Bussin Snacks Discount Codes – Find Out Here!

Did you know that popcorn is the oldest snack in the world, invented 7,000 years ago? Snacks are a fun way to satisfy your hunger. As kids, we spent most of our pocket money purchasing snacks from the local candy shop and grocery shop. However, as technology advances, those days are long gone when we used to shop around for snacks. Everything can be ordered online these days.

Bussin Snacks is an online website that delivers snacks all around the globe. The company is known for its mystery boxes containing special snacks unknown to the customer. If you are a snack lover and do not have the time to purchase snacks offline, this website is for you. Bussin Snacks offers a wide range of chocolates, drinks, cereals, and candies. However, the main concern is whether this online website is trustworthy or not.

This article is a complete Bussin Snacks review that will identify whether this website is legitimate or just another scam.

Bussin Snacks Review – More about it

Bussin Snacks is an online website that sells a wide range of candies, chocolates, drinks, and much more. They sell products from renowned brands such as Nestle, Pringles, Reese, Hershey’s, Pepsi, Fanta, and more. Selling candy is not that unique of an idea. However, Bussin Snacks spiced things up with their mystery boxes. Mystery boxes are perfect gift items for kids on their birthdays.

If you are a snack lover, then the mystery boxes are your best bet since you never know what’s coming! There are multiple different mystery boxes available for sale at Bussin Snacks. Their most selling mystery box is the $45 one that contains between 5-7 items. Packaging and delivery costs may vary according to where you live. This mystery box can cost anywhere up to $60 or $70.

Another special mystery box is the anime-styled mystery box with the anime branding. This box is for $30 that carries one bag of chips and a mix of various anime snacks and drinks. A minimum of 5 items are included in this mystery box.

Apart from mystery boxes, you can also purchase individual snacks, chocolates, drinks, cereals, and much more. You can even purchase products according to your favorite brand. The website has many reviews on a lot of its products. However, we have other sources to determine whether this website is legit.

Bussin Snacks Website Information

Before we move towards trusted Bussin Snacks reviews, let us explore their website and see if there are any red flags. Talking about the website, Bussin Snacks is a very user-friendly website. The website is quite responsive and well-developed. The website allows you to purchase a wide variety of snacks online. The website contains all the necessary pages an e-commerce website should have. It has its privacy policy, shipping policy, terms of service, and other relevant information.

Overall the website looks good. However, we chose to explore in even more detail by seeing what Scam Adviser says about this website. To our surprise, this website is rated only 1% on the trust score chart. The website is marked unsafe by Trend Micro. The most striking factor about this website is that it has received mostly negative reviews on popular sites such as Trustpilot.

Many scam websites sell products that are popular among people, such as clothing, snacks, and books. This is another reason this website lies under the red zone since it sells popular snacks from around the globe. Another red flag is that this website is pretty young. It has also been a year since this website was launched. According to Tranco, the website has a deficient Alexa rank compared to other websites.

Bussin Snacks Customer Reviews and Concerns

According to Trustpilot, Bussin Snacks has been rated 2.7 stars out of 5, which is not a very good sign since most reviews are negative. The website has received 13 reviews, of which 69% are one-star.

Cristin Monge from the United States of America also gave Bussin Snacks a shameful 1 out of 5 and mentioned:

“Received boxes filled with 90% packing foam peanuts. I ordered an anime mystery box and a regular mystery box which cost over $100 plus shipping. I received maybe 12 items, 1 of which was melted and not worth the money I spent. Do yourself a favor and buy off Amazon for 10x cheaper. COMPLETE RIP-OFF!!! Good reviews are probably written by the owners.”

However, there are also good reviews for Bussin Snacks. Deborah Tran gave them a 5-star and mentioned that she does not know why people call Bussin Snacks a scam. Just because they are expensive does not justify them being called a scam. It is just a personal choice of people to purchase products for a premium price. After all the products shipped come from around the globe, people get the chance to taste a variety of snacks.

Is Bussin Snacks Legit or a Scam?

We think that Bussin Snacks is a legit website. Only because it is expensive does not make it a scam. Many poor reviews say these products can easily be purchased ten times cheaper at a local grocery shop. It is purely a matter of choice. Secondly, people are also furious that they received orders that melted and were not in the correct condition. Bussin Snacks does mention that they are not responsible for the melting of products in their shipping policy. Purchasing products in hot weather is purely the decision of the customer. Also, the company has mentioned that they do not accept any returns.


Bussin Snacks is a legitimate e-commerce platform that sells snacks at a premium price. The company even has its own Instagram page with over 100,000 followers, which further solidifies that this website is authentic. Always read online reviews before purchasing anything online.

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