Is Zoteb Com Legit Or Fake? Read the Complete Reviews Here!

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Did you know that one in every ten adults falls victim to an online shopping scam? Most Americans of old age lose the most money due to online scams. E-commerce websites are a common form of online scams nowadays. is a website that claims to sell bangles and other jewelry items in their shop. However, their website lists unique products such as lawnmowers, ceiling fans, etc. All these different products are being sold for unbelievably low prices. If you want to purchase products from, we recommend reading this article before proceeding.

In this article, we have reviewed and all the suspicious elements that make this website difficult to trust. Read the complete article to find genuine Zoteb reviews left by customers.

More About Zoteb.Com

Before jumping on Zoteb reviews, let’s look at what this website is supposed to sell. is an online fashion and apparel store that sells clothes, bangles, and other jewelry items. The website is not found on the internet currently. Products on this website are listed for meager prices with hefty discounts. sells a wide range of bangles that are made from eco-friendly materials. An about us page, refund and replacement page, and terms and conditions page is present on the website. The website offers easy product returns to its customers, as mentioned in its policy.

Is Zoteb Com Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Before reaching conclusions, let us explore why feel like a fraudulent website. Several factors make a problematic website to trust. Here are some of the elements:

Unusual Products

The website was originally a fashion and apparel store that should primarily sell bangles. Nonetheless, the website sells various unrelated products such as Honda lawnmowers Alexa enabled ceiling fans, mirrors, tillers, etc. A fashion store selling such products is not a very normal thing. There is no explanation as to why does sell hardware equipment and power tools on its website when its primary products are supposed to be fashion-related?

Unrealistic Discounts

Let us ignore the fact that is selling power tools on its website. When we look at the products listed on the website, we are amazed by their prices. Every product on is being sold for an unbelievably low price. Honda lawnmowers are expensive, and heavy-duty products are sold on this website at peanuts.

Unrealistic discounts on an e-commerce platform are the number one red flag that online shoppers should look for. No company sells its products for flat 80 and 90 percent discounts. Whether a new user or an old shopper, always offers unrealistic discounts.

Fake Business Address has mentioned its physical warehouse location on its website. The address is 1337 Swan Dr, Annapolis, MD 21409, United States of America. We found out that the provided address does not contain any warehouse named Zoteb. The address provided is a residential area and not a commercial one. Is Zoteb com legit? It does not seem like a legit platform to shop on after knowing about these red flags.

Fake Contact Information

There is no contact number provided on the official website of Zoteb. Only a standard company email address is provided, which is [email protected]. Unfortunately, the email address is invalid, and the mail service will send your email back to your address with an error message that the email does not exist. As the contact information on the website is fake, it is evident that the refunds and replacements are also a lie. There is no way to contact the customer care department.

Zoteb Reviews – Is The Website Authentic?

According to Scam Detector,’s trust rating index of 58.2 is considered relatively good. However, the lack of positive customer reviews makes this score useless. The website is poorly designed and lacks the essential elements that an e-commerce website should have. Most importantly, you cannot access the website as of now. does not seem to exist on the internet. When we type in the URL, we are redirected to a gambling website called Krishna-Avanti. Its lack of presence means that this website is already delisted by Google or deleted by the owner.

Zoteb Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

Fortunately, we got a hold of some customer reviews that have real shopping experiences on

Sara left her review on Scam Detector. She said:

“ is in a home, once their address is googled. I wish I had checked that before I ordered. I ordered from them for one price, and they charged my PayPal account another. debited my PayPal account immediately, but I never received an email from PayPal or Nothing from PayPal was a very, very red flag. So I canceled the purchase through PayPal today by phone. Just smelled funny.”

This is among those Zoteb reviews that mark this website as a confirmed scam. Another unfortunate incident occurred with Carlos Clemens. He says:

“I was searching for a dryer, and their site popped up, and I read their reviews, so I ordered the dryer after reading the reviews, and when I called the company telephone number, it kept saying this person can’t be reached. And I sent them an email about my dryer, and Google sent me an email saying that email doesn’t exist as a straight scam, but guess what, I’m not letting this go, and this site is getting looked into my bank, and the police.”

Final Thoughts

After reading the Zoteb reviews, it is clear that this website is a scam. There is no such website available on the internet now. Still, it is crucial to be educated about such scams and frauds because it is pretty common to get scammed by such websites.

We urge our readers to read online customer reviews regarding any website before shopping anything from there.

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