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Rovelop Review – Legit or Scam Online Jacket Store!

According to Forbes, FTC received 43,000 complaints regarding online shopping scams for 2021, which is almost two times greater than the year before. The number of complaints was only 7,000 in 2019.

Websites exist on the internet that seems legit e-commerce shopping stores. Reading customer reviews is an integral part of shopping from any unfamiliar source. Most of these shopping websites have online payment options. Thus, scams are easier to conduct.

This article will discuss Rovelop, a website that sells high-quality apparel, including jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and many more. We always aim to give unbiased reviews to our esteemed readers, and we have some genuine Rovelop reviews from renowned sources.

Read this article till the end to know whether Rovelop is a legit shopping website or just another crappy scam.

More About Rovelop Reviews is an online e-commerce platform that sells a wide range of apparel. Their clothing variety includes sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, two-pieces, jeans, pants, jackets, and coats. Talking about their website, is a very authentic-looking site. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • is a user-friendly website that is relatively fast and responsive. Such a well-developed website feels genuine and authentic at first glance. Their web pages are adequately developed, including their homepage and individual product pages.
  • The products displayed for sale look high-quality and are appropriately priced. The website mentions all the relevant product information, including their description, size chart, etc.
  • Another remarkable thing about is that they have their official returns and exchange page and every other page that makes an e-commerce website look original.


  • The website is undoubtedly responsive and user-friendly, but there are certain red flags that we have managed to spot. First, the website does not provide a contact number to call the company or customer care representatives. The website only provides a standard company email on every page.
  • The company name mentioned on the website is Kentesh LTD which does not have a perfect track record. The company is known to have other brands like Rovelop that are not legit shopping stores.
  • Rovelop offers unrealistic discounts to new users to force them to buy their products. Seasonal discounts are understandable, but Rovelop gives discounts on its products throughout the year, which is not normal for an e-commerce platform.

Rovelop Reviews – Is This Website Authentic Or A Scam?

Apart from all the red flags we identified on We decided to investigate further on this topic. Some renowned online scam identifiers tell us a lot about the degree of authenticity of

Scam Detector only gave a trust index of 3.4 out of 100. The primary reason for the website to get such a low trust score is its domain age. is a very young website that is only a year old. The website sparks suspicion as it is an e-commerce platform. Many scams and frauds are committed in the name of e-commerce shopping stores, especially in the clothing niche.

According to Scam Adviser, has a trust score of only 1%. The website has also been marked as unsafe by Trend Micro. The identity of the website owner is hidden using a premium tool. The number of visitor traffic on this website is deficient; most importantly, no reviews are available on the official website. Rovelop has been identified as a threat by many forums.

Let’s look at Rovelop clothing reviews placed by customers who purchased their products previously.

Rovelop Clothing Reviews – What Do Shoppers Say?

Unfortunately, we could not find any Rovelop reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Nonetheless, we managed to find customer reviews regarding Rovelop on other review websites. Here are some of the reasons they highlight that make Rovelop a fraud online shopping store:

Fake Shipping And Delivery Information

Rovelop mentions the company address on their website as Signature 15 st. Helens Place London. However, the courier company shows the dispatch address as a place in China. Rumors exist that the company ships its products from France, another lie. The truth is that Rovelop operates solely from a state in China called Anhui. The company takes months to ship products to customers in the USA and UK.

QUI, a customer of, says:

“Do not buy from this site. It took me over three months to get my stuff, and some of the things I bought were very small. When I bought my shorts in XL XXL, they looked like booty shorts, and the hoodie was as thick as a doctor Seuss book when folded, and I just got one of the shirts I bought in December. Now I’m getting it in March. Do not purchase from this site. It is a scam even though the prices look good. This review is from a teen who used his Christmas on this stuff.”

No Refunds And Replacements

As mentioned above, the website only has one standard email on its contact and refund pages. Unfortunately, customer care representatives never reply to emails sent by consumers. No refund and replacement emails are entertained.

Angela, who is a victim of’s scam, shares her review:

“I ordered for my grandson and paid $60.00 for two items a hoodie and a pair of shorts. I got the shorts six weeks later, ordered an Xl, and got a small one. The shorts were not the ones I ordered at all, completely different. I contacted them, and they wanted to refund me. I think it was like 8 dollars. So no, not a good website to order. I never got my refund.”

Final Views

The above-mentioned Rovelop reviews make it quite evident that this website is a scam. Detailed reports from Scam Detector also support our claim. Never fall for online shopping stores that offer unbelievable discounts and do not offer a contact number.

We do not endorse our readers to shop from Read more Rovelop reviews on the internet before making your purchase.

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