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By Alex James

What Happens if You Don’t Service Your Boiler Regularly

The boiler is the most useful appliance in your entire household. The fact that it is used regularly and features moving parts are the two main reasons why it should be maintained and serviced timely. However, many people are convinced that boiler maintenance is not important, but one of the most common failures of a boiler is the lack of regular maintenance.

Premium quality boilers last for many years, and a boiler lasts about 15 to 20 years if properly taken care of.

Here are mentioned a lot of issues and problems that can happen to your boiler when it suffers from poor maintenance.

Thermostat issues

A faulty thermostat may start as a minor issue, but its effect on the boiler is noteworthy. A broken thermostat can cause your boiler to turn on and off improperly, causing damage over time. It can also cause extreme temperatures in your homes. The thermostat issue is one of the first elements of Boiler Servicing Wakefield and regular maintenance checkups.

Electronic igniter and pilot lights

Whether your boiler uses oil or gas to fire the main burner, we all rely on the pilot light or electronic ignitor. Both components provide the spark that powers the flame, and the boiler does not work without them. You can fix the issue by cleaning carbon debris or dirt from the openings. However, replacing the boiler may be ideal if the ignition problem happens frequently.

Limescale and mineral deposits

Limescale and minerals build up in several parts of the boiler and heat exchanger as it contains water and water vapours. If not cleaned regularly, it can affect and restrict water flow. Additionally, extreme limescale buildup can lead to a specific issue called Kettling.

In other words, when the water inside the boiler boils and turns to steam, it creates banging and whistling sounds. Kettling is a massive issue in a boiler that may lead to a dangerous pressure buildup.

Circular pump failure

Being an extremely important component of a boiler system. Its key purpose is to push the water out of the boiler and deliver it to your home’s baseboard heater and radiators.

Although this component remains functional as the boiler itself, poor maintenance or manufacturing defect results in its failure. Flanges and chronic leaks around the joints show that the circular pump is failing. Or you may also hear stranger noises when the boiler is in operation.

Boiler Servicing Wakefield

Some boiler tips every homeowner should keep in mind.

Although you need professional care while maintaining your boiler, there are some things you can do to retain your boiler in good condition without any special knowledge or expertise. Following are some tips that will help you stay cosy, warm and safe while protecting your wallet.

Keep the boiler ventilated:

In order to function properly, a boiler needs ample space. Many people treat their boiler rooms as additional storage space, which is fine until it begins to crowd the boiler itself. Make sure you don’t hand clothes like coats or other items, and it has enough separation from the wall.

Check insulation: 

When transferring heat, one small exposed area can reduce the boiler’s effectiveness. That is because if it’s not properly insulated, heat will escape, resulting in the boiler’s efficiency. Therefore, make sure it is properly insulated and check routinely to ensure there are no weak spots or holes.

Keep your water pressure up:

Excellent water pressure keeps the water circulating through pipes and radiators, keeping your home warm and comfortable. Fundamentally it is very important to check the pressure gauge to ensure the water pressure. Not only that, you can always adjust the pressure yourself if it’s too low or high.

Bleed the radiators:

With time, the air becomes trapped in your radiators. This keeps the radiator from operating at its full capacity because these air pockets form cold patches that stop heat dispersal. And the only way to get rid of these air pockets is to bleed the radiators. Bleeding in this context means opening a valve and letting the trapped air out.

Lag your pipes:

In winter, pipes are most likely to freeze and are at risk of bursting. This can be extremely expensive to fix, and a good way to avoid this issue is by lagging your pipes. Boiler Services Leeds is the easiest and cheapest way to do so.


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