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By Alex James

8 Important Tips When Cleaning Homes

Cleaning the house requires prior planning, but most housewives do this process instinctively, but some newly married women may do a little randomness during the cleaning that makes them delay a lot and do not finish their homework completely.

In fact, she may be right for not completing the cleaning, especially in homes and large apartments or overlooking thick air, where it will always be exposed to dust, and in the winter it rains, so the lady of the house should be keen to follow a simple cleaning schedule provided by a professional cleaning services Dubai marina.

1. Organize tasks according to the cleaning schedule

It is necessary when you start cleaning houses that the cleaning steps are organized and arranged in advance, so the cleaning tasks that you will perform in the rooms of your house must be organized according to a schedule. From tiredness and fatigue

Therefore, determine the rooms to be cleaned, as well as the requirements in them so that the room becomes clean from A to Z. In addition to the above, it is preferable to organize the schedule on the days of the week.

2. Do not leave dust

One of the mistakes that many women make while cleaning homes is to clean the floors of the rooms and then start to get rid of the dust that is present and accumulated on the different surfaces inside the rooms, which causes the scattering and spread of dust and dust again and scattered on the floors and surfaces again.

Therefore, do not allow or leave the dust scattered in the room, all you have to do is start to completely get rid of any scattered dust on the surfaces inside the rooms of the house and then start cleaning the floors as a final and final stage for cleaning the room, this can help accomplish the cleaning task without wasting for the time.

3. Cleaning the bedroom daily

There are some simple house cleaning tasks that facilitate the comprehensive cleaning process, including cleaning the room today daily, whether a person does a thorough cleaning of the house or not, make cleaning the bedrooms an essential thing that you do immediately after waking up, so that the bedroom will remain clean and tidy permanently .

This can facilitate the process of comprehensive cleaning of the house by way that the bedroom will not need a strong and deep cleaning, as is the case with other rooms in the house that do not clean on a daily basis. Remember, cleaning and arranging the bedroom includes arranging or changing bed linen on a daily basis, as well as polishing surfaces and parts. Furniture, polishing mirrors, and putting used clothes in the washing machine are all part of tidying up. Informational blogs suggest arranging clean clothes in the wardrobe and emphasize the importance of cleaning and disinfecting floors and ceilings as the final step in cleaning the bedroom.

4. Cleaning dishes after eating

The most important thing that makes the task of cleaning homes very difficult is leaving lots and lots of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink after eating, and this makes a lot of insects, ants and cockroaches infested the kitchen, so it is important and best to clean the dishes after eating until the road is cut off Any insect would think of invading the kitchen.

Cleaning dishes does not stop when food remains are removed from them, but they must also be sterilized, and a modern dishwasher device that performs the task of cleaning and removes the suffering of cleaning dishes from the responsibility of the housewife can greatly help in this task.

5. Cleaning the kitchen daily

The most important thing that improves the general appearance of the house and always makes it look organized and tidy is to clean the kitchen room periodically and daily. Using a vacuum cleaner, the kitchen cabinet is cleaned, and hard water deposits can accumulate in the dishwasher over time, so it is necessary to clean it by pouring A full bowl of fruit powder drink in the empty dishwasher, let the machine run a full cycle.

It is necessary and important to clean the kitchen sink daily, which can hang food residue on the underside, and it is cleaned by pouring a little vinegar and baking soda, and then rubbing it with a clean brush and rinsing it with water, and clogging can occur in the sink, so it is preferable daily to make sure that the sink It is not clogged and is not obstructed by anything stuck.

You must also make sure that the kitchen counter is completely free of any unimportant things and organize and arrange everything on it to get a tidy, orderly, clean kitchen that is not suitable for the environment of annoying insects.

6. Get rid of the trash daily

Getting rid of garbage on a daily basis is an important thing to keep the house clean. Not only does getting rid of garbage helps to keep the house clean but also keeps the house smelling good and smart. The whole house smells unpleasant, which makes any guest feel uncomfortable as soon as they enter the house.

Therefore, we recommend that the garbage should be removed and disposed of on a regular basis as well as the cleaning of the litter area daily to remove any unpleasant odors caused by the accumulated garbage.

7. Use modern cleaning tools

From time to time, modern home cleaning tools appear that are significantly stronger and safer, and therefore, as a homeowner, you should familiarize yourself with modern cleaning tools, whether used cleaning tools and equipment or the cleaning materials themselves. There are modern vacuum cleaners as well as new cleaning brushes that are stronger than brooms and brushes. Old in cleaning.

There is also a modern set of safe and harmless cleaning materials that can completely finish any stubborn stains or dirt until the house is cleaned professionally. Without the use of modern and powerful cleaning tools, cleaning will not go well.

8. Choose effective cleaning materials

The most important stages of the success of the cleaning process are the use of effective and powerful cleaning materials, and it is preferable to choose cleaning materials that have high ratings from customers who have actually tried them.

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