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Umrah Guide: Facts About Umrah Journey

Thousands of Muslims or Mutamir go to Mecca and Madinah for the performance of the Umrah journey every year. This spiritual journey brings a lot of changes in the lives of Muslims as it is a blissful journey for them. They experience many blissful things in their experience of Mecca and Madinah. The journey of Umrah is a soul-lifting path for Muslims. They indulge spirituality in their souls by performing this holy journey. They seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty for their past sins and become neat and clean. Muslims seek redemption from the creator of the whole universe. Get the Umrah packages from Kabaah Tours and perform the Umrah journey this year.

Dream Journey Of Muslims

The journey toward Mecca and Madinah is the dream journey of many Muslims. Traveling towards this holy city is the opportunity that the luckiest ones get. So, when they find a chance to perform this holy journey, it becomes they find their dream coming true. They visit different sacred places on their journey toward Mecca and Madinah. Before going to perform the Umrah journey, you must know about the facts, Rituals, rules, and regulations about this journey. Once you get to know about them, you will perform the Umrah journey perfectly. Kabaah tours have cheap Umrah packages for you by which you can perform Umrah this year.

Dates Back To Holy Prophet PBUH’S Life

Performing the Umrah journey dates us back to the life of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. The rituals of the Umrah journey remind us of the efforts and struggles of our Holy Prophet PBUH that he made in his life. The Umrah pilgrimage is the composite of many Islamic ceremonies and pre-Islamic ceremonies. These ceremonies were reinterpreted in monotheistic terms. Moreover, they were supplemented by Muslim prayers.

We look back in the history that our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH performed the Umrah journey with his companions. So, when we perform the Umrah journey we get a remembrance that how He performed the Umrah pilgrimage with his companions. Moreover, we visit different sacred places during our Umrah journey. These places have an association with Holy Prophet PBUH and his companions. So, we can get a throwback of it by Performing the Umrah journey with cheap Umrah packages.

Circumambulation Of Holy Kaaba

There is another interesting fact about the Umrah journey. As we know that for the performance of the Umrah journey, we have to perform the rituals. These Rituals include the circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba. So, here is an association with the pre-Islamic era. People used to circumambulate the Holy Kaaba even before the introduction of Islam. So, when we perform Tawaf we get a remembrance of the pre-Islamic events of Islam as well.

Performance Of Sai

Another important fact about Umrah Journey is related to the Performance of Sai during the Umrah journey. When we talk about Sai, it is said that it is performed for paying homage to Hagar. She was the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. and mother of Hazrat Ismail A.S. The performance of Sai gives us the remembrance of Hazrat Hajra R.A, who was running between the hills of Safa and Marwa in the quest for water. Due to this reason, Muslims run between the hills of Safa and Marwa for the performance of Sai during their Umrah journey. You will get more information about Sai when you will go on the Umrah journey with our us.

Concept Of Satar

There I another concept of Satar which is introduced for the performance of Umrah’s journey. Pilgrims must have to understand the concept of Satar when they wear Ihram clothing at Masjid e Ayesha. They went to this mosque for entering the sacred state of Ihram. They have understood the concept of Satar for this sacred state. Satar means the areas of the body that Muslims need to cover during the state of Ihram. The areas of coverage are different for men and women during their Umrah journey.

  • Men have to cover their chest and legs to their knees. These parts of the body must be covered for men when they are in the State Of Ihram. On the other hand, their ankle and head must be uncovered during this sacred state.
  • Women must have to cover their complete bodies and hair during the sacred state of Ihram. Two parts of their body must be uncovered during this sacred state and these two parts are her face and hands.


In short, there are many more things that we need to know before going to perform the Umrah journey. Many events and associations are related to the Umrah journey and Islamic history. These facts and events are also connected with our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH and his companions as well. So, after reading this article, you must have learned many facts about the Umrah journey. Must remember them when you go to perform Umrah in this year.

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