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By Alex James

Top 5 Reasons Why Tie-Dye Fashion is Becoming Popular in 2022

Tie-dye clothing style is back in trend. Thanks to the pandemic! It was in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world, people confined at their homes spent their past time in creativity and developing skills and tie-dye fashion is one of those creative things that has become a trend now. Tie-dye skirts, tops, shirts and even accessories soon became viral and people from every corner of the world today are using this fashion style. A lot of people are purchasing tie-dye clothes from different websites. Jordash Clothing is one of the  websites from the UK that has come with beautiful tie-dye clothing.If you are someone who is looking for patchwork skirts and other tie-dye clothes, do visit this website- Jordashclothing.com

The history of tie-dye clothes is very old. The tie-dye clothing style has been used by people from different cultures all across the world for more than hundreds of years now. People from Asia, Americas and Africa use different versions of tie-dye clothes. It was during the time of the Great Depression in 1920s, that tie-dye clothes became very famous in the United States. There are two reasons for this- the first is that many people from Asian countries like India, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia had migrated to the US. These Asian countries are the sources of tie-dye clothing. So these countries brought their culture and fashion style to the US and thus this style was adapt-ed by the people of the US.Secondly, it was the time of the Great Depression and tie-dye clothes were pocket friendly, even they could be DIY-ed; so people preferred wearing these clothes more. In this way tie-dye clothes became famous all across the world.

tie-dye clothing


With time, the tie-dye clothing style has evolved and different modern styles have been included in it. This style has been in and out of fashion for some time now. After the 1920s, it again became a trend in the 1960s, during the time of the Hippie Movement. The countercultural movement that believed in freedom and individuality made this fashion style a trend. And thus tie-dye clothes became a trendy fashion all across the world. Let us now look at the 5 most important reasons for the popularity of tie-dye fashion in 2022.

COVID-19 Pandemic Brought Back The Tie-Dye Fashion

COVID-19 pandemic has played a major role in bringing back this tie-dye fashion style. In 2020, when pandemic hit the entire world, people remained confined to their homes to avoid social distancing. They had plenty of time on their hands. Since they could not go out, they developed new skills and hobbies. They adopted hobbies that not only enhanced their creativity, but also gave them immense joy and happiness. Also in order to give an interesting look to their clothes and add fun to their boring pandemic life, they started experimenting with various DIYs. Tying and dying the clothes is one of those methods that brought back this trend again. This is one of the main reasons why tie-dye fashion is popular today. Just look at the pictures of tie-dye skirts and other patchwork clothes.

tie dye skirts

Tie-Dye Clothes are Comfortable to Wear

Unlike other clothing, tie-dye clothing is comfortable to wear. They are the best loungewear one can ever have. Today tie-dye loungewear is more in trend. From common people to celebrities, everyone is preferring tie-dye loungewear at home. Apart from clothes, the fashion style is being used in accessories like shoes, bags and jewelleries to get the funky look. However the design has evolved this time. Instead of the bold and bright colours of the 60’s, tie-dye clothes of today come with light and pastel coloured hues. In other words, we can say that the 2020s have come with a new trend of tie-dye clothes that will remain etched in the history of the fashion industry forever.

patchwork skirts

Tie-Dye Clothes Give A Trendy Look

People often opt for those fashion styles that are always in trend. Tie-dye clothes are always in trend and when worn give a trendy look. Moreover they can be easily DIYed. Hence they are trendy and easy to use. They are simple and one can get them without any effort. In other words, they are easily accessible. Hence they are popular.

Tie-Dye Clothes are The Best for Summer

Tie-dye clothes are the best choice for summer. In order to get rid of the scorching and unbearable heat of the summer, it is better to have a tie-dye cotton cloth which will not only be comfortable, but also give a funky look. So this summer, go for a tie-dye top or shirt or dress to look smart and trendy.

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