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According to Healthline, more than 50% of the women are balding, and more than 85% of the men are balding after 50 years of age. Genetical baldness starts around 21 years of age.

Hair is considered one of the most vital features in a person. It is argued that hair demonstrates the personality of a person. However, a large population is facing hair loss and balding issues nowadays. Innovative products make their name in the market, claiming to be the best solution for hair fall and balding.

Simfort Shampoo is one such product that claims to decrease hair fall significantly and boosts hair growth. Nonetheless, fake and scammy products are not surprising in today’s era. Questions exist, such as is Simfort Shampoo safe? Does it work?

Read this article where we give you an honest review regarding Simfort Shampoo and whether the bold claims of the company work or not.

More About Simfort Shampoo – What Do They Claim?

Simfort Shampoo claims to provide a natural solution to hair fall and boosts growth. The company states that a significant cause of hair fall and stoppage of new hair growth is Sebum plugs. Over time when dirt and grime are accumulated in our hair, the hair roots get buried under these substances. Their accumulation causes the hair roots to get clogged and unable to grow healthy hair.

Simfort says that using other shampoos can further damage the condition and weaken hair scalp. A shampoo with carbonic acid is the one that is the most suitable to clear those Sebum plugs. Simfort Shampoo claims to have unleashed their shampoo with carbonic acid with the power of 8,000 PPM that attracts all dirt and grime to it and removes it from the hair roots.

Applying the shampoo leaves remarkable results as clogged-up hair roots are cleared and can effectively complement hair growth. It also helps bring back dead pores and hair follicles that cause new hair to grow. Blood flow is improved, which results in the rejuvenation of hair follicles and ultimately leads to hair growth.

Moreover, Simfort Shampoo does not contain harmful Parabens and Sulfates, as the company claims. It is a 100% natural formula that has no side effects and can give you long-lasting results.

Is Simfort Shampoo Safe And A Legit Product?

Before blindly trusting the company’s claims, we decided to investigate on our own and uncover some scientifically proven facts.

First of all, Simfort Shampoo has addressed the leading cause of hair fall: the accumulation of dirt and grime on the scalp that stops hair growth and results in baldness. Science has been researching hair fall causes for a long time, and fortunately, we have a lot of proven information at our disposal.

The primary reason for hair fall is the miniaturization of hair follicles into DHT. In other words, hair follicles are stems from which new hair grows. Lifestyle factors such as stress, anxiety, and genetic problems lead to the hair follicles being minimized and unable to produce more hair. Thinner hair grows, and eventually, hair loss leads to baldness.

Simfort Shampoo’s cause of hair fall to be dirt and grime is a purely baseless argument. There is no medical fact to support such claims and reasonings. It looks like just a made-up fact.

Additionally, the ingredients announced by Simfort Shampoo are very shady as well. The company claims to have carbonic acid as its main ingredient that wipes off all dirt and grime from the hair roots and boosts new hair growth. However, it is scientifically proven that Carbonic acid can only exist at room temperature for a fraction of seconds. Hence, it is technically impossible that Simfort Shampoo contains Carbonic acid.

Most importantly, the company website does not mention the use of carbonic acid in their ingredient list a single time. All these things make Simfort Shampoo even more of a mystery. Not to worry, we have investigated more on this subject and have a handful of customer reviews that can prove whether Simfort Shampoo is a legit product or just another scam.

Simfort Shampoo Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

More than a thousand reviews are available on the official website of Simfort. 71% of those reviews have 5-star ratings. However, we have found customer reviews from authentic websites such as Trustpilot and Simfort Shampoo’s official product page on Amazon to keep things unbiased.

We only found two reviews on Trustpilot, upon which one is 5-star and the other is 1-star. Ubaid Malik says:

“Simfort is showing dumb ads on youtube, and it’s a lie. I have used their product for months with none of the expected results. If their hair shampoo works, everything is fine, but since it doesn’t, or at least not for me. Then that means Simfort is using people’s security to make a profit. Not worth trying their products!”.

There are only 50% 5-star reviews on Amazon, and 11% of reviews are 1-star. People argue that Simfort Shampoo does not work despite their trying for months. The packaging also contains specific warnings not mentioned on their official website. People who wanted to return the product were faced with stressful conversations from the customer care department, who refused to cancel subscriptions and initiate returns.

Many customers even mention that they bought the product from their official website for one month. However, their card was automatically charged for the next month, and the company had set their monthly subscription to renew. Returning the product was not possible, and overall it was quite an expensive investment that did not pay off for most customers.

Final Thoughts

Simfort Shampoo reviews make it quite clear that the company is selling a money-making product that does not seem to work. The ingredients list is a mystery, even their reasoning for hair fall. Overall, there are pretty many red flags associated with this product that we do not endorse its use.

Always look for genuine reviews and guides before purchasing any product from the internet!

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