Latest Tops to Fall in Love This Season

by Alex James
sleeveless crop top

Tops have always ruled the women’s fashion industry. Irrespective of age, region and country, it is used by women on a daily basis as well as on important occasions. If you too are one of those fashion freaks who loves to follow the latest fashion trends yet avail the freedom of comfy and stylish tops, then this article is for you. Today, there are various types of tops trending in the clothing industry such as sleeveless crop top, women’s oversized top, etc. A sleeveless crop top is just an amalgamation of ladies’ sleeveless tops with the design of a crop top.

Since comfort above everything is the most sought after luxury in the 21st century, women’s oversized tops have also gathered a huge demand. There are numerous dresses in the clothing line, especially for women but the question arises as to what makes the tops the most demanded outfit to wear. Of course, it’s the comfort and the low maintenance. You might have a wardrobe full of tops but is that enough? Maybe not, so let’s have a look at a few of the most in-demand tops that have ruled out hearts and minds and will continue to rule in the years to come.

Intricate Work High Neck Tops

These tops are one of a kind. A black high neck top with intricate work can make you stand out at a party or any event for that matter. Giving you a perfect feminine look, these tops are available in full sleeves or sleeveless as well. Both of these designs will go amazingly with a pair of jeans and a strappy pencil heel. Pair it up with your favourite clutch and here you are, ready to go.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are the latest fashion trend and ruling the fashion industry lately. Available in various shades, colours and designs, these tops have become the all time favourite of many. Sleeveless crop tops with off shoulder necklines have become the show stopper these days. Giving you a flawless fit and comfort at the same time, this is the go to outfit for every occasion. Pair it with jeans on formal or casual occasions while teaming it up with a long frilled skirt and hat on beach days, this top will never disappoint you. On other days, why not try pairing it up with a mini skirt or hot pants? Even that will work wonders.

Cowl Neck Tops

Got a night party to attend? Why not try out the cowl neck top? Winters or no winters, a cowl neck works wonders if an occasion demands a classy look. Try out bold colours such as red, black or olive green for night parties or subtle colours such as peach, baby pink, lavender, etc for the day time. This top gives a flattering look to women of almost all body types. Get your jeans ready according to the colour of your top and here you are ready to rock the party with your confident outlook.

Oversized Tops

Oversized tops are the most loved of the lot. Designed to give you ultimate comfort and confidence, these tops will act as a saviour on your bad days.

Ladies’ oversized tops have become the most loved casual outfit as it demands no maintenance and provides you with absolute comfort for daily activities. These women’s oversized tops, especially in bold colours are the perfect outfit for travelling, trekking or other such activities.

Tunic Tops

Tunic tops make the best for casual occasions. Wear it with ankle length jeans or leggings along with a pair of earrings. These tunic tops provide you with both style and comfort. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, these tops are a must haves for every wardrobe. Pair it with your pencil heels and that makes an ideal outfit for every casual outing.

Summing Up

The women’s clothing segment has already come a long way. Keeping the latest trends in mind, this article provides you with the best of the latest fashion including sleeveless crop tops, ladies’ oversized tops, etc. From a wide range of variety and collections to choose from, this was a curated list of tops that will help you rock every occasion.

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