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How Does Silk Eye Masks Aid Better Sleep? 



Sleep is an essential part of our daily life. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary for regaining the energy lost during the day and for you to wake up in zest ready for the new day. Most of us know how important sleep is for the body, mind and even soul (the lack of sleep can be soul-destroying!). If you are struggling to fall asleep or get interrupted midway through your sleep, you should try the silk eye masks for undisturbed sleep. Silk has multiple benefits and can be the solution for a good night’s sleep, making them a perfect silk anniversary gift

What Is a Silk Eye Mask?

A silk eye mask is a sleep accessory that covers your eyes for a perfect shut-eye experience. A good silk eye mask has just the perfect fit which is neither too tight nor too loose. The masks are made up of a rich, luxurious texture of silk and designed to completely block off light from reaching your eyes for sound sleep. They usually have an elastic band attached to them which is used for wearing them around the head and helps keep the eye mask on all night. 

How Do Eye Masks Help You to Sleep?


Light stimulates the brain and keeps you from getting deep sleep. Eye masks block out any light from reaching your eyes. There may be light coming in from the windows, light from another room coming in through the door, or light from electronic gadgets. Light rays can hinder as it suppresses the formation of melatonin that brings on . Eye masks increase the period of sleep by increasing the melatonin levels. 

  • Eye masks are non-addictive solutions to getting good. Sleeping pills and inducers are addictive, and people make it a habit of taking them regularly. Moreover, they have harmful side effects which in extreme cases have caused death. masks are a chemical-free low risk alternative. 
  • Silk eye masks prevent the formation of wrinkles around your eyes. Sleeping on harsh pillow covers can result in wrinkles when you wake up in the morning, and they can turn into real wrinkles over time. 
  • Eye masks are a one-time investment and are quite affordable. They are the best solution for undisturbed sleep and make a great gift for someone who you know is not getting enough sleep. 

Advantages of Silk Eye Masks

  • The skin around your eyes is delicate, and you may suffer from irritation due to harsh fabrics. Silk has moisture-retaining properties, and it keeps the skin around your eyes hydrated. It also slows down the formation of wrinkles and creases as silk has a smooth texture and prevents friction. Silk can slow down the ageing process. 
  • Silk is hypoallergenic and is good for sensitive skin. It is resistant to bacteria, fungus, moulds, and mites, thereby preventing allergies. The material is gentle to the skin. 
  • It has a thermoregulating property and maintains an optimum temperature while you sleep. Silk masks keep you cool in high temperatures, and the material is also breathable. 

Where to Find the Best Silk Eye Masks?


There are a plethora of silk eye masks out there but one brand that does what the mask says they do is Mayfairsilk. It is the best brand for silk eye masks as they have a patented design that provides superior protection from light through its oversize shape. The silk they use is of the highest quality, having a smooth and soft texture. They use the 6A grade Mulberry silk in 22 Momme to make masks that are sustainable and handcrafted by artisans. Having thermoregulating and skin hydrating properties, the fabric is ideal for eye masks. They have a variety of colour options in silk eye masks to choose for yourself or as a birthday or a silk anniversary gift.  


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