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By Alex James

How Much Time Do Students in Australia Spend Doing Assignments?

According to a survey by the Washington Post with over 50,000 students from 2018-2020, high schoolers reported doing an average of 2.7 hours of homework per weeknight. A study of approximately 200 Bellaire High School students revealed that some students spend over three times this number.

Students fear the term “assignments”. Most of the teen’s life is spent on completing assignments. Days and long nights of labour can become exhausting. You might think studying last night can get you good marks, but that is not the case. To receive brilliant marks, you must dedicate your time and work consistently. Students often seek assignment help because they lack the required time or skills.

Average assignment time is the estimated time required to complete an assignment. Preparing the work involves understanding, scheduling, researching and interpreting the information. Furthermore, it is also the time taken to finish writing and refining it. The steps taken until the submission are counted as the average assignment time.

How to Overcome Procrastination While Doing Assignments?

●    Use SMART technique

Specific: Be specific in your description of your goals.

Measurable: Include targets to enable you to gauge your progress.

Achievable: Verify that your objective is reachable; if a task is too big, break it down into smaller goals.

Realistic: Ascertain that you can accomplish your goal given the time and resources at your disposal.

Timed: Establish a deadline for completing your goal, so you have a specific objective to strive for

●    Scheduling your workload

You might not have enough time to do everything, even if it might seem more straightforward to complete one assignment before beginning the next. Instead, divide your task into more manageable chunks so you can work on several projects simultaneously. A 1000–2000-word task should take 15–20 hours.

Organising your assignments will help:

  • Describe each course you take and the projects you must complete each week in a semester planner.
  • Set aside some time every week to complete the tasks for each class.
  • Review the writing assignment procedures to choose where to begin and what to schedule for each week.

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●    Overcome your procrastination

It’s simple to find a lot of other activities to engage in when you have research or homework. You might procrastinate if you catch yourself mindlessly checking your emails, browsing the internet, or excessively cleaning your house. Procrastination might be an issue and keep you from finishing your work if you can’t stop.

The first step in eliminating procrastination is becoming aware of it. When you become aware of your procrastination, try to determine why. You could be putting things off because:

  • You don’t know where to begin;
  • You’re terrified of failing, and
  • You simply don’t feel like working.

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●    Getting control of the procrastination

Once you’ve determined the root of the problem, you can take action to stop procrastinating. Try these things to combat procrastination:

  • Review your to-do list and plan how you will tackle the work.
  • Subdivide larger jobs into smaller ones
  • Set some goals and concentrate on achieving them first. Plan out your time. When you complete a task, reward yourself by working for an hour before taking a quick break.

Remember that getting started is usually the most challenging part, but if you can avoid distractions, you should gain momentum after you’ve created. Keep a positive outlook and keep in mind that:

  • You’ll get more outstanding results when you work hard today.
  • The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish.
  • Once you’ve begun the assignment, you’ll feel better since you know you can finish it.

Should Students Have Homework?

Harris Cooper, a professor at Duke, believes students must have homework. His homework studies meta-analysis revealed a link between finishing homework and academic success, at least in older grades. He suggests adhering to the “10-minute rule,” which states that beginning in first grade, students should have 10 minutes of homework daily, followed by 10 more minutes each year until they are receiving 120 minutes of homework daily by the end of twelfth grade.

Cooper also noted that some research showed that homework causes physical and emotional stress and creates negative attitudes about learning. Students feed academic pressure due to the growing fierce competition. Future career prospects multiply in number when the student receives maximum grades throughout their semester. They often don’t get enough time to complete numerous assignments, and students must receive proper information on how to do their jobs. But unfortunately, the traditional classroom method does not enable teachers to focus on a particular student’s academic progress.

As a result, students miss out on vital information like how to conduct research, verify and filter the data, write professionally and so on. They seek assignment help whose experts provide ‘do my assignment’ service.

Getting better grades does not mean the student is more or less intelligent, according to the survey by Sonya Kulkarni and Pallavi Gorantla. It is a toxic practice to determine one student’s worth based on their grades, harbouring a negative attitude. But in reality, these grades are scrutinised to determine a student’s skills and abilities.

What are the Problems with Homework?

In Psychology Today, child psychologist Kenneth Barish noted that disputes about schoolwork infrequently lead to a child’s academic performance improving. He asserted that kids who don’t do their schoolwork aren’t being lazy; instead, they could be angry, depressed, or anxious. And schoolwork is like “running while my ankle is sprained. It can be done, but it hurts.”

Teacher Samantha Hulsman claimed in an article in Education Week that she frequently hears parents complain that a 30-minute homework assignment develops into a three-hour argument with their children. Such findings make us rethink the whole concept of homework.

It is wrong to assume that assignments are the only way to impart learning. Although assignments enhance a student’s education, they are not directly related. The correlation is often mistaken.

Where to seek Assignment Help?

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