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By Alex James

How Did Damon Crestwood Die? Did He Kill Patrick Mullins?

No one could have foreseen the experience that would eventually come to light for Patrick Lee Mullins. A happily married Damon Crestwood Die of two children aged 52. Who was on a boat when he disappeared without a trace on January 27, 2013. This is because, as recounted in the Netflix documentary series “Unsolved Mysteries. Body in the Bay,” not only was his body recovered nine days later. But every aspect of the case remains a mystery to this day. However, there are some consistent and unmistakable signs that one of his family friends. Damon Crestwood, may have heavily involved. Given this, may we now learn a little more about him? Follow stoptechy fore more info.

Damon Crestwood Die, did he murder Patrick Mullins?

Damon Crestwood allegedly first met Gray Mullins (Patrick’s brother) in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The two had such a deep relationship that it soon became something the whole family did together. Even though he wasn’t particularly close to the bulk of the Mullins. He knew them all rather well. Which especially true given how often they spent holidays like Memorial Day and other key public holidays together. Despite the fact that it was usually always an extended get-together. The professional chef’s reaction to Patrick’s death was almost “disproportionally” over the top, according to the documentary series.

Know the reason of his death

Dr. Mark Sylvester, one of the family’s other close pals, referred to Damon as “a sweetheart” in the first season of the programme. “He was the kind of guy you could rely on, appreciate, and like. However, very soon after Pat went missing, there was a noticeable difference in his behaviour.” Patrick’s wife, Jill, said that he had told her that he “would go and look out along the Manatee River and scream and sob for hours.” Gray, who had previously been one of Patrick’s closest friends, saw him “bursting into tears and then hysterical crying.”

Nonetheless, the weirdest and most perplexing aspect is that, although Damon knew Patrick, the two of them were not the type of long-term, loving, close mates you’d anticipate such a powerful response from. This cannot be disputed. Another family acquaintance, Stephen Covey, noted that “Damon was just sort of off the tracks.” Always asking, “If anything happened, would you still be my friend?” “Would I be able to count on you to be there?” Nobody could explain why it occurred adequately.

Know all information Damon Crestwood Die

However, there were warning indications, according to the production: not only did Damon seem to have begun using crystal meth immediately after the tragedy, but he also experienced a mental collapse every subsequent January like clockwork – exactly around the time of Patrick’s death anniversary. Another concern is Damon publicly tying a rope around his waist on Memorial Day in 2013, which was an identical reproduction of the nautical rope found around Patrick’s corpse when it was discovered.

At least in his family’s perspective, the fact that Damon’s boat had a red pattern painted on it — the exact same red that was discovered chipped on Patrick’s boat — did not help his overall predicament. As a result, he was challenged, but he offered no answers; similarly, he did not open up to the authorities whenever he was probed; that is, until he chose to quit working with the government entirely, as shown in the series. It’s also worth noting that he resided near to where Patrick’s bones were finally located, but the specific extent of his participation is unclear since he opted to stay quiet.

Damon Crestwood’s Cause of Death

On April 5, 2017, a little more than four years after Patrick Crestwood’s death, it was revealed that Damon Crestwood had also died from what seemed to be a meth overdose. Patrick passed away in 2014. The 48-year-old guy was a parent, a once renowned professional chef who had his own restaurant, and a lifelong resident of Florida. “It was another unpleasant event because we were expecting Damon to tell us he knew something,” Mark commented in the episode “Unsolved Mysteries.” “I suspect that Damon [was] aware of what occurred, given his strange behaviour and his interest with Pat’s death,” Jill stated. However, since he is no longer alive, we may never find out. Also follow hitsbuddy for more info.

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