Experiencing Netgear Orbi Amber Light? Let’s Fix This For You!

by Alex James

If you are seeing solid amber on your Orbi device, it means everything is ok. Your Orbi and satellite (both) are booting. So, you need to have patience! Soon, the LED with become solid green. But, in case the LED started pulsing amber, you might experience Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue. Pulsing amber is the issue that supposed to be fixed as soon as possible.

Getting worried about how to fix the issue? Don’t be because we are here to help. In this post, we will provide you the top fixes that will surely help you deal with the issue in minutes.

Fixed: Orbi Amber Light Issue

Restart Your Orbi Satellite

The amber light issue might persist if there are some kind of technical-related issues with your Orbi and satellite. In that case, we suggest you restart your devices once.

Have a quick below in order to get instructions to restart or reboot your Orbi and satellite:

  • First things first, turn off your Orbi and satellite.

  • Thereafter, disconnect them and keep them unplugged for a couple of seconds.

  • Now, you can turn on your devices one by one. We suggest you turn on your Orbi first and then the satellite.

  • Reconnect them via Ethernet source.

Now, see if the restarting process has helped you fix the amber light issue for you or not. In case your answer is a big no, then try the next fix provided in the nest section. Keep reading!

Update the Firmware

Bear in mind, if you keep on avoiding the firmware updates notification of your Orbi device, you may get amber light issue. Therefore, we suggest you access the firmware update page of your Orbi via orbilogin.net and see if there is any latest firmware update available.

Just in case, you find new version of firmware available, follow the on-screen instructions and get your Orbi device updated within a matter of minutes.

Check the Connectivity

If your modem is not connected to your Orbi and satellite, then also it may cause amber light issue. Thus, for fixing it, all you have to do is to ensure that your devices are connected in a proper manner via using a non-damaged Ethernet cable.

Apart from this, after connecting your device, do have a look at the connection made by you. Make sure a successful and finger-tight connection has been made by you.

Contact Your Service Provider

On the off chance if the internet speed you are receiving from your service provider’s end is poor, then also you will experience the amber light issue. So, what you can do, contact your service provider of your internet connection right away. Request him to improve your internet speed by upgrading your internet plan and the performance of your modem by updating its firmware.

Change the Orbi’s Location

You might be getting amber light issue because of poor location of your Orbi device. So, try changing the location of your Orbi and see if this helps in fixing the amber light issue for you or not.

The best location for your Orbi is center-most and higher area in your home that must not be away from the satellite and your internet modem.

Check the Orbi’s Power

If the power that is being supplied to your Orbi device is not steady and proper, then also it is obvious to get the amber light issue. So, if you want to say good-bye to the issue forever, check the power supply and the wall socket in which your Orbi is plugged in. Make sure the wall socket isn’t loose or fluctuated and the power (electricity) is continuous.

Set Up Your Orbi Properly

Well, one of the common yet major reasons behind getting the amber light issue is the partial or improper Orbi configuration. In such a case, reset your Orbi and configure it again using correct Orbi admin login password.

Thinking about the Orbi reset process? Why thinking much when we are here? We will provide you the complete yet proper instructions that will help you perform the reset process. How? Just press the reset hole on your Orbi, wait for some time, and the device will be reset back to its factory default settings.

The Last Words

Orbi is a great device to provide a continuous internet access to its users all over the house. But, being a technical device, it is also prone to some issues. And, one of the most common issues is the amber light one (the one you are getting right now). But, you have the fixes provided here. So, don’t consider yourself unlucky. We hope that they (the fixes) have vanished the amber light issue for you and you have started making the most out of your Orbi already. Please share!

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