Why Businesses Are Obsessed With Buying a .Com Domain Registration


By Alex James

Why Businesses Are Obsessed With Buying a .Com Domain Registration

In past years other Domain Extensions like ccTLD, sTLD, ARPA, tTLD, and many other TLDs like gain so much popularity. But still, businesses prefer to Buy a .com Domain Name. 

when you buy your first domain name you probably ask “Should You Buy a .Com Domain Name”? The short and simple answer is that .com extension is globally recognized and gives benefits that you won’t get from other domains.

People fight for which domain extension is better .com or other domains. But everyone knows .Com extension has a reputation in the market and is the oldest and most trusted domain extension in the world. 

In the survey report of Verisign, they display how much Businesses like to Register for the .com in the first place. Till the second quarter of 2022, 351.5 million Domain Register is registered. Over the years registration is increasing by 3%. 

Further, the report says, till 30 June 2022 161.1 Million .com domains are Registered. 134.1 million ccTLD Domain Name is registered, and the rest are other domain extensions. 

Now you must understand how much the .com is popular. But you must be thinking what is the advantage it offers? And what are the reasons why Business is So obsessed with Buy a .com Domain Registration?

Let’s find out the advantage of a .com Extension and the reasons for choosing it.

Advantages of Buy a .com Domain Registration

You must think that .com is expensive, there are high chances that you can Buy a .com Domain at Lowest Price. Not only in terms of pricing but also offers other advantages too. You get these advantages with .com Domain at a Cheap Price.

  • Known Widely- as you know .com extension is popular and is known globally. It is easy to gain the trust of people when you use it.
  • Doesn’t Define Your Website by Any Location- if you want to do business globally, then .com will be the suitable option for you. It doesn’t tie your website to any location so if you wanna target multiple locations, you can target easily.
  • Easy to Memorise and Remember- it is the oldest, short, and most well-known. Most people heard about it. So most likely if your website ends with a .com extension, it makes it easier for people to remember and memorize your website. 

These may be just a few advantages of .com but there are a lot of others too.  And yes it is true there are so many advantages of .com that you will experience with alternative domains too. But still .com is offer the best exposure that you are looking for.

Reasons Why Businesses Are Obbsased With Buy a .com Domain Registration

I believe Now you must understand what is the advantage of Registering for a .com Domain. There are high chances that you convenience why .com has so much reputation in the market.

As the report displays the power and influence of .com in the industry. Let’s understand the 7 reasons why businesses Desired to Buy a .com Domain Name.

Reasons For Choosing .Com Domain Name

  • Over 46% of websites use the .com extension. As the Verisign report explains over 50% of users registered for .com in 2022. This shows that maybe it is hard to find Cheapest .com Domain but businesses still buy it at a higher price also. Yes, there are a lot of domain names still not registered. You can get a .com Domain at a Cheap price if they are not registered yet.
  • As I told you several times .com is the oldest and most trusted domain name. People assume that your business website also ends with it. All the big companies use it, so people have the perception in their mind that all the companies own the .com extension.
  • Buy a .com Domain Registration for your business website to improve the credibility of your brand. As you know how much the .com domain is popular and how much people trust it. So it directly improves your website’s credibility also,
  • People have a perception that all the established companies use the .com extension. So if you use it at the end of your website eventually people imagine that your business is established.
  • When you use the .com Extension there are high chances that google prefers your website. As you know there is a location tied up to your business website, so if google finds it useful it can show in the top search results also.

These are just some of the reasons that show why .com is the king of domain extension and why all over the world business prefer it.

Buy Desired .com Domain at a Cheap Price From Hostbillo

Buy Desired .com Domain at a Cheap Price From Hostbillo

Now you must get why businesses are so much obsessed with Buying a .com Domain Name. you can get your desired .Com Domain at Lowest Price From Hostbillo. There is a lot of domain provider in the market but Hostbillo comes under the top and trusted Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider.

Hostbillo offers a Cheap .com Domain so you can get your Desired Domain extension easily. Apart from low pricing Hostbillo offers other advantages too. The advantage are;

  • 2GB Mailbox with Professional Mail Address
  • Encrypted SSL Certificate
  • 10000 Subdomains
  • One-Click Activation
  • Domain Lock
  • 24/7 Customer Support


There are numerous reasons why Businesses are so attracted to the .com extension. To sum up, all I can say is that .com has a reputation in the market that it’s nearly impossible for all other Domain Extensions to challenge. It offers a lot more than other TLDs.

You can your desired .com Domain at the lowest price from Hostbillo. With a Cheap .com Domain, you get all the security features and other advantages that you need. You can know more about .com Extension and the services Hostbillo offer on their official website.

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