Kitchen hardware trends for 2023

by Alex James
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In 2023, what type of kitchen hardware will be most in demand?

These are the types and accessories for kitchen cabinet hardware that are a must-have, from cabinet pulls and knobs to sinks and faucets.

The kitchen hardware you select should not be a last-minute choice, whether you’re building a new kitchen or remodeling an old one on a tight budget.

Think of the hardware as the gems in your costume. Isn’t it true that the correct necklace or pair of earrings can elevate or detract from a look? Similar to this, the appropriate sink, Best cooker hood Singapore faucet, and cabinet hardware may transform a basic kitchen into a luxurious one.

If you leave it until the last minute to make these decisions, you will undoubtedly feel anxious. Hardware for kitchen cabinets comes in a wide variety of options.


  • Locks are used in place of knobs;
  • Knobs and pulls can be used interchangeably;
  • Square bar pulls should be utilized rather than tubular pulls.
  • Matte black finishes; Satin black finishes.

The satin brass and matte black finishes are two of the most recent trends in kitchen cabinet hardware. In 2023, matte black in particular is probably going to be highly trendy.

Matte black is a common color for light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and door knobs. It’s a sleeker, more contemporary version of the previous Oil Rubbed Bronze design, and it looks well against many of the recent all-white interiors.

I can see why it’s so well-liked because updating existing kitchen cabinets with contemporary hardware is a great idea.

It’s easy and doesn’t have to be expensive to give your kitchen new life in a matter of hours using kitchen cabinet hardware.

Isn’t it odd that brass was once disapproved of? Of course, the shiny, tarnished brass from our childhood homes is far different from the antique and satin finishes that are currently offered.

For the foreseeable future, brass and gold cabinet hardware will remain popular, and I can understand why. It enhances a variety of design motifs and gives gray and white cabinets a cozy touch. Brass adds elegance and balances the blue tones in the brilliant white cabinets.

Numerous colors are available for brass. There are several types of brass, including matte or satin, antique brass (which can refer to a variety of finishes but has a brushed surface), champagne brass, and lacquered brass, to name a few.


While several variations of the typical bar pull have emerged (imagine more square and less tubular), the latch in particular has grown in favor.

The latch is fairly lovely and has a European farmhouse feel to it, but I don’t think it’s the most useful option for regular cabinets.

If you have stacked top cabinets or a cabinet that is primarily filled with decorative things, one of these exquisite locks would be a perfect fit.

Although the polished nickel or chrome models also have a great old world meets contemporary world aesthetic, I like the aged or antique brass ones.


The majority of people believe that large pantry doors or cabinet knobs and drawer handles are better. Additionally, you may mix and match!

Sticking with the existing hardware makes upgrading the hardware on cabinets much simpler. I picked this option since the holes in my cabinets were spaced at 3-inch intervals.

Remember that you’ll need to fill all of the original holes, some of which may be visible afterward, if you want to switch out existing pulls for knobs.


Keep in mind that the kitchen hardware is comparable to your jewelry. Your kitchen’s appearance will be significantly enhanced by selecting the appropriate cabinet hardware, sink, Best built-in oven Singapore and faucet.

If you’re still unsure, get a couple examples and examine them in person, paying special attention to the knobs and pulls. It will make it easier for you to picture how they will seem in relation to your cabinets and the rest of the room!

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