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By Alex James

Is the Investment in CCNP Security Certification Worth it?

With the latest technological advancements, networks and software have become interconnected. With this interconnectedness, the need to secure our networks just like we do our databases has also arisen. Organizations all across the globe need network professionals who can ensure the safety of their networks. This is where Cisco’s CCNP Security certification comes in.

It is a highly respected and widely recognized certification that validates your ability to provide security solutions in networking environments. The CCNP certification training can help you gain new opportunities and stay updated with the changes in the industry. 

What is CCNP Security certification?

The CCNP Security certification is a cybersecurity certification that validates your knowledge of security, automation, virtualization, and enterprise infrastructure. It proves that you can use Cisco security solutions to protect against threats. Clearing the certification can help you get the roles of an associate security engineer, network security engineer, information security analyst, and information security engineer. 

Is the investment in CCNP Security certification worth it?

It is natural to question whether the certification is worth it. After all, you will spend your precious time and money on it. Here are six benefits of getting the CCNP Security certification that will make the investment worth it. 

Skill development

CCNP Security certification can help you develop the necessary skills. The CCNP training for the exam helps you learn skills related to operating core security technologies, such as network security, cloud security, endpoint protection and detection, secure network access, and visibility and enforcement.

Highly valuable certification

CCNP Security certification is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after certifications in the network industry. It is well-respected, and people holding the certification are considered experts in the field. Having the certification will set you apart from the competition and impress potential employers.

Better salary and promotion 

The CCNP Security certification increases your chances of getting a better salary and even promotions. As per Cisco, people with CCNP certification earn 10 percent more than people without it.

The certification also proves that you have superior knowledge and skills in network security, thus giving you an edge over other candidates during selection for promotion. 

Excellent job outlook

IT employers often require their employees to have at least one or more certifications in their field. Therefore, having a Cisco certification can be incredibly beneficial when you are looking for a job. It increases your chances of getting a job and even negotiating for a better salary. 

Keep up with the latest technology 

Cisco courses are constantly updated to keep up with the rapidly developing technological world. Getting the CCNP Security certification will help you stay updated with all the relevant advancements in the technology. 

Become a part of a community

When you register for the Cisco Learning Network membership, you also get access to the CCNP community. You connect with people on the same path as yours, experts, and like-minded individuals. You can use the community to ask questions, start discussions, receive tips, and grow together. 

Exam details

Exams: To get the certification, you need to clear two exams and training. First is the core exam: 350-701 SCOR exam and the SCOR training. Once this is done, you have to take one concentration exam and its recommended training. 

List of concentration exams

Cisco provides six concentration exam options. You have to pass one of the following.

  • 300-710 SNCF: Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
  • 300-715 SISE: Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • 300-720 SESA: Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance 
  • 300-725 SWSA: Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance
  • 300-730 SVPN: Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks
  • 300-735 SAUTO: Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this certification. However, most candidates have at least three to five years of experience in the implementation of security solutions.

Recertification: You have to recertify after three years. To recertify, you must clear any one professional concentration exam and earn 40 CE credits. You can also earn 80 continuing education credits instead of this. 


Any Cisco certification can unlock a world of opportunities for you. The CCNP Security certification is no different. You can strengthen your skill set, access better opportunities, get a better salary, and continue growing in the field. This CCNP certification gives you a competitive edge in the competition.

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