How to Write the Bath in the Bathroom?

by Alex James

Bath  wash body, take a bath: take a bath. bathroom. baths. tub. bath towel. The order of strokes in “Yu”: dot, dot, lift, cast, dot, cast, press, vertical, horizontal fold, horizontal Big Bathroom Shop Discount Code.


  • pen and paper

Bathroom: A room for bathing.

  1. Bath yù wash body, take a bath: take a bath. bathroom. baths. tub. bath towel.
  2. The stroke order of “bath”: dot, dot, lift, cast, dot, cast, press, vertical, horizontal fold, horizontal.

Chinese character: bath

  • Radical:
  • External strokes: 
  • Total strokes

The stroke order of “bath dot, dot, lift, cast, dot, cast, press, vertical, horizontal fold, horizontal

The stroke order code of “bath  Big Bathroom Shop Discount Code

Write the header first

After writing the right part of the bath: Valley


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What are bath flowers for

  • Bath flowers are also called bath balls, which are mainly used to help the skin remove impurities when taking a bath
  • Because the bath flower has a unique mesh structure, you can drop the shower gel on the bath flower, and then rub the bath flower to make foam
  • When taking a bath, use the bath flower dipped in shower gel, spread evenly on the body, and then rinse with water, the bath flower can help remove impurities and dead skin on the skin during the process
  • The used bath flower should be cleaned in time and replaced regularly to avoid residual bacteria from polluting the bath flower and affecting the next use

How to use the bath flower ball

Bath flowers or bath balls are always used when taking a bath, so how to use them specifically, let’s take a look together

  • bath flower
  • Shower Gel
  • soap


  1. When you usually take a bath, soak the bath flower with water first, then squeeze a small amount of shower gel on the bath flower, rub it lightly, and scrub your body after there is foam.
  2. Apply the soap to the bath flower, wet it and knead it to form a lather, then use it.
  3. The bath flower has the same effect as a bath towel when taking a bath, rubbing it on the body is not as painful as a bath towel.
  4. After using the bath flower, rinse it with clean water and store it with a lanyard.

How to take an enzyme bath

Replacing the enzyme bath suit

Before the enzyme bath, you need to change the enzyme bath suit (special clothes for enzyme bath).Prepare a cloth that can cover the face. (for face) It is not necessary to do facial warm bath. Bathroom Wall Discount Code


In a bath filled with fermented cypress powder, dig a shallow pit (about 15cm) about the size of a human body. Lie on your back in the shallow pit with your palms up. When lying on your back, be careful not to get the powder in your mouth, nose and eyes. (The powder is non-toxic and has no effect on the body)

Enzyme bath time

About 5 minutes after starting the enzyme bath, you will feel a lot of sweat from your body. After 20-30 minutes, you can come out. 

Out of the Bath

After coming out, gently sweep off the cypress powder on the body.

Take off the enzyme bath suit

After taking off the enzyme bath suit, wash in the shower.

Rest and hydrate properly after bathing

The enzyme bath process is over now, do you feel relaxed, happy, and your skin is smooth, delicate and more elastic

What is the bath bag for

Bath bags are always available at home, but bath bags have many functions. Let’s come look Big Bathroom Shop Discount Code. 


  1. A bath bag is a bag for storing washing and maintenance items, and can also be referred to as a bath bag, a bath bag, or a bath bag for short. In the early days, it was used for convenient storage of washing items when taking a bath, and now it has developed into a storage of washing and maintenance items, travel accessories, etc.
  2. The bath bag can be used for outdoor and field bathing. It can heat up the water when placed in the sun. It is shaped like a hot water bag, but it can absorb heat because it is thin.
  3. The bath bag can also be used in the bathtub. The disposable bath bag can completely isolate the body of the bather from the tub, eliminates the hidden dangers caused by using the tub, and effectively prevents various infectious diseases.
  4. It can be used for foot washing, and it can be filled with water after spreading on the foot washing bucket.
  5. It can be used in saunas.

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