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By Alex James

Here is how you can get your bedroom lighting right!

A bedroom is the beginning and end of your every day and given that it is a space dedicated to you only, it surely deserves special attention, maintenance, and care. This might be the reason why people dedicate so much time, effort, and money to get everything right in their bedrooms. 

But even after paying attention to the details, buying the right size of the headboard, comfortable mattress, perfect bed frame, wall colors, and curtains, the bedroom just doesn’t feel right. Well, even with everything in place, your bedroom might be missing the right type of lighting. 

Lighting plays a crucial role in how your bedroom feels and therefore, instead of just randomly putting lights or inundating your bedroom with too many lights, you should go through this detailed article that discusses how to set the right tone in your bedroom with the right type of light. 

Think about the type of lighting you want

It is a no-brainer that lighting is always the first addition to any kind of bedroom but an ideal lighting setup can turn out to be a great excuse to add unique, enticing, and fun accessories to your bedroom. Besides lamps or table lamps are some of the best classical options you have for your bedroom and you must consider them, regardless of which type of feel you wish your bedroom to offer. 

There are many new lighting systems that can be added to your room and they will easily enhance the bedroom interior design but first, you should always have a proper setup of your bedroom in your mind as this allows you to plan accordingly. You will never wish one part of your bedroom to outcast others or look odd from each others. 

Always make sure to layer 

The key to a successful lighting setup in your house without putting in lots of effort without going extravagant is to layer different forms of affordable lights. According to the rule of thumb, you should go with at least three sources of illumination- decorative, ambient, and task. This can fit like a glove in your bedroom interior design.

You might need to build a proper strategy for layering lights in your bedroom but it will be worth it. Have a detailed explanation for every layer of light you are going to add to your bedroom. 

For example, if you are adding a task light, answers questions like ‘Which part of my bedroom will be dedicated for this purpose? What level of luminosity will be ideal? How many lights will be enough and which company will be an ideal choice in this condition? Will LED lights for bedroom will be enough?

Choose the right lighting temperature

If you wish to have a more enjoyable and comfortable time in your bedroom then you should also consider the temperature of the lighting system you are going to choose. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to lighting temperature and therefore, you should never just follow a lighting lexicon. 

But when it comes to the bedroom, you should never go for anything beyond 2700 Kelvin. It is always good for you to have an amber glow in your bedroom since a bedroom is a place that offers peace and blissful sleep and it should be lighted accordingly. 

Even the right kind of  LED lights for bedroom will be a good pick when it comes to the right temperature. But if you have to work from home during the daytime and the natural lighting is not enough in your bedroom, you can go for above 3000K without any second thoughts. 

Consider the scale 

While choosing the right lighting fixture, you should always pay attention to the scale. For example, in the case of lamps, it is always a good choice to keep the scale between 1/3 to 2/3 the width of the nightstand. Scale becomes more important when it comes to overhead lighting. 

If you have a big bedroom with high ceilings, go for statement lighting fixtures as small lighting fixtures might not be enough for such kinds of places. But if you have a smaller bedroom with an average ceiling height, then never opt for any lighting fixture that hangs too low. 

According to experts, the overhead lighting system should always hang at least eight feet above the floor. There is a lot of math that goes into perfect lighting fixtures and therefore, you should never choose lighting for your bedroom randomly and without any plans. 

Lighting fixtures in your bedroom can make or break its feel and comfort and therefore, you should choose them wisely. Use this blog post as a guide to choose the right kind of lighting fixture and then buy quality lights from a reputed website.

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