Guide to identify if a diamond is natural or man-made

by Alex James

These days, technology has helped us create synthetic diamonds which are as good as mined. Hence, it gets really difficult to tell which is the real deal. If you are looking for bespoke engagement rings made of mined diamonds, you would want to spent for the real thing. It gets very tricky to choose between natural and man-made diamonds. But there are few subtle markers which you have to recognize to determine the best choice. Here we have shared such indicators and criteria for judgement to help you choose the right diamond and whether it is natural or man-made.

Shape and size

If you are looking for the classic round shape among lab grown variants, you are lucky. There is an expansive selection of round lab grown diamonds. This is why there is a high popularity of lab grown engagement rings in classic designs. When the process of growing lab diamonds was first invented, very small diamonds could be created. But these days, lab grown diamonds can grow up to 3 carats. Lab diamonds can also be in other shapes like oval, square, Asscher, princess and so on. On the other hand, mined diamonds are cut and polished to all these shapes.


Both lab grown and organic diamonds come in various colours. The lab grown coloured diamonds come in various fancy shades like yellow, blue, green, orange and so on. Organic diamonds develop their colour when certain minerals get trapped inside the growing diamond. The phenomena is extremely rare, making such coloured organic diamonds very rare and expensive. But on the other hand, lab grown coloured diamonds are comparatively affordable and easier to avail. So, if you have two diamonds of the same colour, size and weight, the cheaper one is lab grown.


The cost of the diamond plays a huge role is determining which is what. The lab grown diamonds usually cost at least 30% less than the organic diamonds. This is why they are popular and affordable alternative that can be availed by the masses. When a store has a variety in price range, they probably have a large selection of lab grown diamond jewellery. If you are getting unbelievably low price for a diamond jewellery than what you expected, it is likely to be lab grown.

Clarity and brilliance

There is very subtle difference of clarity and brilliance when you compare lab grown diamonds to organic diamonds. Sometimes, there is no such difference depending on the quality of the mined diamond in question. But these days, there are many diamond simulants like zirconia and moissanite. They look and feel like diamonds but when you compare them side by side, the lack of clarity and dullness is clear. This is why such simulants are sold at much lower price than organic or lab grown diamonds.


Diamond is known as the hardest material in the world. It is created in high temperature and pressure within the earth’s crust. Lab grown diamonds are also made in similar manner by artificially creating that environment. Hence, there is not much difference in hardness.
One can say that lab grown diamonds are not very different from organic diamond if you know the right markers to make the choice. You can create bespoke engagement rings using lab grown diamonds as well.

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