Dropping Your Phone Often & Vancouver Phone Screen Repair

by Alex James
Phone Screen Repair

The worst things can happen with your smartphone unless you take good care of it. One of the worst things that can happen to your phone is the shattering of its screen. A shattered phone screen does not only look bad but can also affect the keys of your phone. Moreover, Vancouver phone screen repair becomes more costly if water or debris also gets into the phone via cracks. Besides, there are several reasons that lead to the shattering of smartphone screens. Usually, phone screens shatter when smartphone users drop their phones on the floor. Or it can occur when people accidentally use their smartphone as a seat.

Reasons Why Phone Screens Shatter

The first thing you may think when the phone screen shatters is the distance it travels to fall on the ground. Of course, it is a factor that plays a role and causes phone screens to shatter. There are also other variables that come into play their role and cause phone screens to shatter. Here they are:

Angles at Which Your Phone Hits the Surface:

It is possible that your drop your smartphone from an incredible height, but nothing happens to it. Nonetheless, you may find it hard someday to touch your phone screen once you drop it. You may see spider-like cracks appearing on your screen. The following question may come to your mind: Why has it happened to your phone screen? It happens because of the angle at which your phone hits the surface. The striking of your phone at a certain angle contributes to the detrimental effects that happen to your smartphone.

Your Phone Does Not Have a Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

Tempered glass is a special type of glass with a stronger atomic structure. Due to its robust structure, it can withstand drastic temperature changes. Even it is possible to create bulletproof items with it. In addition, tempered glass has a slight bend to it. For the same reason, smartphones with tempered glass screen protectors are flexible to use without shattering. Car windows, shower doors, and fridge shelves also entail the deployment of tempered glass besides phones. Nonetheless, it is likely for your phone without tempered glass screen protector to suffer a shattered screen with a drop.  

Tension Can Also Cause Your Phone Screen to Shatter:

Compressional force does not affect glass as it should. It is because tempered glass is strong when it comes to compression. The case is not the same with other materials that may bend or buckle under the same pressure. Reinforced glass stands up better to compressional force, unlike regular glass. It is because tempered glass screen protectors have outer surfaces into compression and interior into tension. 

However, tension is not good for glass, and phones are typically safe when they drop on their faces. Conversely, your phone screen can shatter and lead you to think of Vancouver phone screen repair when challenged with tension.

Phone Drops at an Angle to Create Tension:

Tension can shatter your phone glass.  By the same token, materials like steel are used to hold things under tension. A rope, for example. When your phone glass smashes, it takes the shape of sharp shards. Sharp shards are also a hazard because they can cause you to suffer injury. In the case of tempered glass, shards turn into much smaller and safer pieces. Dropping a phone with tempered glass forms an angle to create tension it requires to shatter. 

How to Keep Your Phone Screen Safe

The smashed phone screen is expensive to repair. Further, it can also cause damage to the internal parts of your cell phone. Nevertheless, you can prevent your phone screen from damage if you take precautions beforehand. For instance, you can buy a tempered glass screen protector for your smartphone. You may invest in an anti-shock screen protector for your phone when you are unsure about getting the protector for your phone. In addition, you may invest in a phone case to provide your phone with an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, it is also important that you handle your smartphone with care to prevent your phone screen from getting damaged.


A shattered phone screen does not only look bad but can also damage the keys of your phone. Typically, phone screens shatter when you drop your phone on the screen. Nonetheless, there are various other reasons for your phone screen to shatter, including the following:

  1. Angles at Which Your Phone Hits the Surface
  2. Your Phone Does Not Have a Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  3. Tension Can Also Cause Your Phone Screen to Shatter
  4. Phone Drops at an Angle to Create Tension

Nonetheless, there are ways you can keep your phone and its screen safe. You may use a tempered glass screen protector and a phone case to avoid damaging your phone screen plus evade spending money in Vancouver for phone screen repair

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