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Considering Clip-Ins? Here’s Everything You Need To Know! 

Clip-in extensions are the easiest to use among the different types of hair extensions; they are temporary and instantly enhance the volume of your hair!

We will discuss how to install curly clip in extensions, reasons why they are a better alternative, and address some of your burning questions about clip-ins.

How To Install Curly Clip In Extensions in 3 Steps?

How to install clip-ins like a pro!
How to install clip-ins like a pro!

You can install clip-ins in minutes without the help of a professional stylist. To be runway-ready, you need to have the extensions ready, a rat tail comb, and a couple of hair clips! Use the following steps as your guide to installing clip-ins like a pro!

Step 1: Prep Your Hair 

Start with freshly washed hair and treat your natural curls to a nourishing leave-in conditioner. Divide your hair into two horizontal sections, braid the lower part into small sections, and tie the front section away. It will help retain moisture in your hair, create a strong base for installing the curly clip in extensions, and make blending easier.

Note: The braids will allow you to easily install the curly clip-ins the next day!

Step 2: Install The Curly Clip In Extensions 

Start from the bottom and begin installing the curly clip in hair extensions. Place the clip-ins above the base of the braids for a sturdy hold.

Take a small section from the top and use the rat tail comb to create a clean part. Install the next set of wefted clip extensions. Repeat the step until you have used up all the clip extensions.

Step 3: Styling Your Hair 

Once you install the clip-ins, apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to your leave-out and trim to shape your hair post-installation.

Grab your diffuser and place it on the ends and roots of your hair; this will help add additional volume to your hair.

Pro Tip: open up the curls using your fingers for an ultra-natural look.

10 Reasons Why Clip-Ins Are Better Than Other Extensions 

Gorgeous clip-in hair extensions 
Gorgeous clip-in hair extensions

There are endless reasons why clip extensions are better than other forms of hair enhancements. In this section, we will highlight the most compelling reasons.

  1. Clip-Ins Are Commitment-Free

One of the biggest reasons clip extensions are considered better than others is that they are temporary. You can install and remove them anytime and flaunt stunning styles without commitment!

  1. Clip-In Extensions Are Beginner Friendly 

Not only are clip-ins commitment-free, but they are also beginner friendly. Even if you have never worn hair extensions before, you will be able to install them like a pro at home!

  1. Increases Hair Thickness & Length

We can all agree that not everyone’s blessed hair that’s both thick and long! One of the most prominent reasons for utilizing curly clip in extensions is that they instantly lengthen your hair and add mesmerizing volume. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow a certain length or add daunting hair care routines to make your hair thicker!

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions Are Comfortable 

You’ll never have to worry about stiff or painful sensations with clip-in extensions. That’s how comfortable they are. After a few hours, you’ll forget they’re even there!

  1. Clip-Ins Are Available In Many Textures, Colors, & Lengths 

Due to their popularity, these god-sent clip extensions are available in different textures like curly, coily, striaght, colors, and lengths. You can switch between textures, colors, and lengths since these extensions aren’t permanently bonded to your hair.

  1. Offers Natural-Looking Results 

Another advantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they will look exactly as natural as your actual hair when installed using the 3 steps mentioned earlier. High-quality clip in extensions blends so well that you’ll have no trouble choosing hairstyles that suit you.

  1. Clip-Ins Are Versatile 

Regardless of the color, length, or texture, clip-ins are incredibly versatile. You can dye clip-in human hair extensions made with virgin hair, straighten curly or wavy to achieve a sleek look, and wear them in various styles.

  1. Minimizes Hair Damage 

Women often complain about hair damage due to wearing semi-permanent and permanent extensions. Some experience traction alopecia induced by sew-in, while others experience weak strands from bonded installations.

  1. Clip In Extensions Are Incredibly Durable 

A good set of clip in extensions will last you up to a year  if they are not used frequently.

  1. Extremely Easy To Maintain 

Easy maintenance is a major advantage. Unlike sew-ins or keratin extensions, you wash curly clip in extensions after removing them– which makes the entire washing & caring procedure easy. Also, washing clip-ins is not different from washing your natural hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clip-Ins

FAQs about clip-in extensions
FAQs about clip-in extensions

Now that you know how they are installed and the 10 popular reasons clip-ins are considered a better option, it’s time to check out FAQs about this popular hair enhancement.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Human Hair & Synthetic Clip In Extensions?

You can heat-style and color human hair clip in extensions like your natural hair, whereas synthetic extensions cannot be colored or heat-styled. It’s also challenging to blend synthetic extensions with your natural hair due to the unnatural glossy appearance. Another difference between the two types is that synthetic clip-ins will only last for a few months.

  1. How Many Clip-Ins Do You Need For A Complete Look?

If you are looking for a fuller look, then a 10-piece set is all you need. However, if you want both volume and length, we recommend getting 2 sets of clip-ins in different lengths.

  1. How Long Should Your Hair Be To Wear Clip-Ins?

To achieve the best results, your hair should reach the nape. This allows the curly clip in extensions to integrate perfectly with your curls.

  1. Can You Wear Clip In Extensions Daily?

Yes, you can wear clip in extensions daily to flaunt gorgeous styles! Ensure that you take the time to properly install and care for them. Keep in mind that clip-ins will wear out faster if used daily. We recommend that you switch between clip-ins to continue slaying while preserving longevity.

  1. Can You Sleep With Clip In Extensions?

Technically you can sleep with clip in extensions; however, we strongly recommend against it. Tossing and turning while your hair extensions are still installed is a formula for catastrophe. Sleeping with extensions can harm them and cause hair loss in different areas of your head due to unintentional yanking.


    Don’t settle for bad hair days! Clip in extensions is the perfect accessory to elevate your hair game. You can install and remove them anytime; they are pain-free and boost confidence like no other extension. We hope this blog helps you in taking the next step with clip-ins.

    If you settled on buying clip in hair extensions, there’s no better brand than True Glory Hair. They offer Brazilian virgin clip-ins in various textures and lengths to make your styling dreams a reality! Shop today and embrace thicker and longer hair minutes!

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