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BMW Servicing center in Dubai 2023

Starting around 1966, client care has been the first concern at Otto’s BMW Servicing Center. As a BMW Retailer, we need to furnish you with all the delight of driving alongside outstanding help and backing. That is why Otto’s BMW should be your administration’s focus of the decision. We have likewise established a problem-free climate to address your issues more readily. You can utilize our web-based framework to plan your following assistance arrangement or call us at 1-613-725-3048. Our delegates will be glad to answer your inquiries and administration needs as quickly as expected, BMW Servicing.

Otto’s BMW Administration Center presents:

An open to lounge area for clients where we offer organic products, beverages and remote web access

A van administration during the day to take you where you need

A politeness vehicle on demand

Rental vehicles at severe costs

A complimentary vehicle wash at every arrangement in our middle

A few shopping centers and cafés close by for your benefit and satisfaction

BMW Guarantees

NEW VEHICLE Restricted Guarantee

Dependent upon the arrangements put forward thus, BMW Canada warrants independence from surrenders in materials or artistry to the first retail buyer and all resulting buyers of vehicles meeting Canadian necessities and imported by BMW Canada or sold through the European conveyance program in Canada.

This guarantee reaches out for four years or 80,000 kilometers, whichever happens first, from the date of starting the retail dealer or the date of introductory help of the vehicle as a demonstrator or organization vehicle, the first of these two dates overshadowing the other. Kindly counsel us and address one of our delegates for additional data on the extension and impediments of the guarantee.

Discharge CONTROL Framework Restricted Guarantee

BMW Canada warrants the accompanying to the first retail buyer and all ensuing buyers of vehicles meeting Canadian prerequisites and imported by BMW Canada or sold under the European conveyance program in Canada:

Independence from surrenders in materials and artistry in all parts of the Emanation Control Framework other than control gadgets and utilitarian frameworks (as such terms are characterized thus) for a time of 4 years or 80,000 kilometers, the first of these circumstances to happen to outweigh the other.

Emanation CONTROL Framework CONTROL Gadgets

BMW Canada Inc. (BMW Canada) warrants to be liberated from absconds in materials and artistry in the exhaust system, motor control unit (DME), and onboard demonstrative framework. Contact your vendor to help guarantee the specific parts of the indicative onboard BMW Servicing.

Useful Emanation CONTROL Frameworks

BMW Canada Inc. (BMW Canada) warrants that the accompanying practical emanation control frameworks (all in all alluded to as “practical outflow control systems”)** are liberated from surrenders in materials and artistry that could make disappointment perform government and commonplace guidelines basically at the time the vehicle was worked for a considerable length of time or 40,000 kilometers, whichever starts things out:

Air consumption framework

Fuel metering framework

Start framework

Crankcase gas distribution framework

Evaporative Distribution Framework

Exhaust framework

Emanation Control Framework Sensors and Gadgets

On-board analytic framework

Optional air infusion framework

Kindly counsel our seller for additional data on the degree and constraints of the guarantee.

Restricted RUST Hole Guarantee

BMW Canada Inc. (BMW Canada) warrants to the first retail buyer and all ensuing buyers of this vehicle that it will be liberated from any defective materials or artistry which brings about rust through** the body.

**”Hole” signifies the spread of rust or erosion from within to the beyond any bodywork part.

The guarantee starts on the date of initial enlistment or the date of the introductory section into the administration of the vehicle as a demonstrator or organization vehicle, the first of these two dates overshadowing the other.

If it’s not too much trouble, counsel our vendor for additional data on the extension and impediments of the guarantee.

Emergency aides Administration

Indeed, even the most solid vehicles might need to be fixed one day. Should this occur, BMW Emergency aides are prepared to intercede.

This program mirrors BMW’s obligation to guarantee your total fulfillment with your vehicle. It is accessible for Canadian rendition BMWs covered by the BMW New Vehicle Restricted Guarantee or the Confirmed Series ™ Assurance Plan. Support is accessible anyplace in Canada and the US, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Administrations offered are towing, lockout help, and on-location help for the span of the BMW New Vehicle Restricted Guarantee or Ensured Series ™ Security Plan. The program likewise incorporates towing your vehicle to the closest BMW showroom in case of a mishap; trip arranging administration (guides and schedules); extra repayments in excursion interference because of mechanical breakdown covered by the assurance, assuming that you are 80 kilometers or more from your home.



2006 BMW models bought in Canada from an approved BMW vendor are covered by BMW’s 4-year/80,000-kilometer free upkeep program, whichever starts things out. The guarantee starts on the first of two dates, particularly that of the primary enlistment and that of the underlying charging of the vehicle as a demonstrator or organization vehicle.

The essential occasional support program covers a decent piece of your upkeep needs. Nonetheless, you have the decision to broaden the reach by utilizing the upkeep program choices that accommodate your comfort.

With BMW’s comprehensive help program, you’ll partake in each mile without limit, sure that you’ll continuously be driving lighthearted. Disregard the expense of fixes, upkeep, and mileage over the inclusion period. As ensured BMW experts do the work, your vehicle is safe and sound. You can be confident that your BMW will continuously be dependably fixed and keep up with utilizing just Unique BMW Parts. Under these circumstances, dependability, quality, and execution be obvious.

Without failing to remember the monetary benefit of this select help, at such an appealing and straightforward value, you can consistently keep up with your vehicle at the pinnacle of its presentation. Also, if you choose to sell your BMW, BMW’s Thorough Assistance program could be moved to the following purchaser, assisting with protecting the vehicle’s worth.

BMW SAFE Worth Assistance Bundles

Regarding support, you merit the inward feeling of harmony that solely after-deals administration as great as your vehicle can give. To guarantee that your BMW generally acts like a commendable delegate of its image, the complete Safe Worth Assistance Bundles assist you with keeping up with the exhibition of your vehicle, to assist you with approaching your other business.

Moreover, BMW remains behind its after-deals administration, as confirmed by its two-year guarantee on parts and work. Furthermore, the conviction that main unique BMW parts are utilized safeguards you against contrariness issues. Selective BMW Parts and Administration: We solidly accept that the top-notch BMW brand experience should be competent at each level.

BMW Administration likewise ensures that just approved BMW professionals will deal with your vehicle. Because of a continuous preparation program, our specialists understand your car better than anybody. These specialists use best-in-class demonstrative frameworks to provide quick, exact examination and administration—innovation and skill… a BMW forte. Our specialists offer similar energy: keeping your BMW at its maximum capacity.

Take a couple of seconds to find the Definite Worth Help Bundles presented for your model Audi Repair dubai.

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