All New GS8


By Alex James

Best SUVs for the Money to Buy in 2022 and 2023

The price of cars is always on the minds of consumers. Many people are looking for affordable vehicles that provide value, and many are turning to SUVs because they are more affordable than larger cars. For instance, GAC MOTOR has stylish vehicle that provides great value. We all know that GAC MOTOR builds some solid, dependable vehicles. While they’re not flashy, they get the job done. They’re a driving force in the SUV market, and their All New GS4, GS3 POWER, and All New GS8 models mean they will never slow down.

GAC All New GS4

The GAC All New GS4 moves on a 17-inch tire complemented by the grille, halogen, and fog headlamps. Besides the foldable side mirrors, it’s fitted with LED headlights and taillights. Lastly, the chrome exhaust and the lift gate trunk complete the 268cm wheelbase, a 454.5 cm length, 185.6cm width, and 170.0 cm height.

On the inside, the seats are made of leather and are super quality. Comfort is further achieved with an air conditioning function and heated front seats. Lastly, the windows have a defrost function. As with infotainment, GAC All New GS4 SUV has an automatic starter and 6 speaker audio system, which allows Bluetooth connections. The smart screen on the dashboard also gives a rear parking view.

Besides the maximum torque of 265 N·m and the maximum power of 124 kW, it’s propelled by 1.5 four-cylinder engines. Safety is guaranteed by airbags that complement the pretensioners. In case of theft, the alarm may immobilize the engine. Drifts can be controlled by the lane and front collision alarm and cruise control.


GS3 is defined by a 3.0 grill next to halogen headlamps and fog lights. It moves on 17” or 18” tires. A shark tail antenna closes the rear side through the foldable side mirrors. Lastly, it’s fitted with 2 exhaust pipes. Its compactness is defined by a 435cm long body stretching 182.5 cm wide with a height of 166.0 cm and a 256.0 cm wheelbase.


The 1.392 tons GS3 POWER interior exposes a Leatherette-trimmed Steering Wheel and 5 ergonomic Fabric & Leatherette-trimmed seats, and the front ones are heated. Air purification is managed by Automatic Air Conditioning and Negative Ion Air Purifier. It comes with a 3.5-in. Multi-Information Display (MID), a 10.25-in. Touch Screen Display, Carplay, and Bluetooth functionality.

The GS3 POWER runs on a 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder engine. It manages 235-265nm and has a horsepower of 120-124. For safety, it has airbags on the front seats and the sides, complementing the pretensioners. The lane departure, front collision, and dynamic cruise features make it safer.

All New GS8

The All New GS8 is a four-wheel drive defined by a powerful wing grille design and LED headlamps. It’s 1950mm wide, 1780mm high, and 4980mm long, with a 2920mm wheelbase.

The avant-garde interior boasts a 14.6-inch smart screen control panel and a 10.1-in. Touch Screen Display. More comfort comes with the carplay and 6 Herman speakers. A power station is fitted in the second row, allowing wireless charging. All the seats are leather-made and offer recline functions.

All New GS8

All New GS8 runs on a megawave two-liter engine capable of eight-speed transmission, 1750 revolutions in a minute and 248 HP. It can go over puddles and stone because a Borg warner 4-wheel movement powers it. In regard to safety, it has adaptive cruising control for better maneuverability. Airbags, forward Collison warning, hydraulic brake system, and forward collision warning finally complete the safety features.


So that’s it. GAC is always updating its vehicles based on new technological trends. For now, the GS3, GS8, and GS4 are the talk of the industry, providing super comfort and performance on a better fuel economy. They will be worth checking out if you are in the market for an SUV.

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