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MiHoYo’s New Target Revolts Honey Impact Fans – Read More Here!

Honey Hunter Genshin – A world without technology was quite simple as there was not much to worry about regarding what others think about you or knowing what others are doing! As technology evolved, lives became transparent, and you are now just a click away from calling a friend who resides in the other part of the world. Video games were also eventually developed that allowed people to play games virtually.

A very popular action role-playing and adventure game is Genshin Impact. It was released in 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android, and in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The game is developed by miHoYo, a video game developer based in Shanghai, China.

In this article, we will discuss Honey Hunter Genshin and why it was taken down by miHoYo. Read the complete article to learn all the related details!

What is Honey Hunter Genshin?

Honey Hunter Genshin is the largest fan-based database of Genshin Impact that contains all types of information regarding Genshin Impact. It is a wiki of Genshin Impact that includes detailed information regarding every Genshin Impact character, weapons, gadgets, events, and much more. All of this information can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Genshin Impact users mostly use this website as a means of getting themselves educated regarding new updates to the game.

Honey Hunter Genshin’s website acts as a community portal that connects all Genshin impact members and allows them to share helpful information. You can access the Honey Hunter Genshin website from this link: https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/.

Why Did miHoYo Take Down HoneyImpact?

The fan-made Genshin Impact portal felt like a perfect place to get informed about the game’s new updates and other information. However, the creators of Genshin Impact decided to take down the HoneyImpact online website for some reasons.

The primary reason to take down the website was the often leaking of not yet released information on the portal. miHoYo had previously sued Bilibili as it was found to be leaking important information regarding miHoYo’s games on its portal and other places. Leakers fond of leaking secret information closed down their Twitter accounts after this incident.

A similar instance was happening at Honey Hunter Genshin, which was found to be publishing leaked information regarding Genshin Impact characters, weapons, and other information that was not supposed to be public. Leakers from all around the globe used Honey Hunter Genshin as a place to post unreleased content. All this led to many conclusions regarding the game, even when the developers did not officially update the game.

This is why miHoYo issued a warning against Honey Hunter Genshin and eventually decided to take it down.

The reaction of Honey Hunter Genshin Upon the Takedown

Honey mentioned on its Twitter account what was being done by miHoYo. The Tweet said :

” Okay, so @Genshin_Impact is trying to take us down behind our backs. I am taking down the website within 24 hours. Stay tuned for further notice.”

The website was taken down shortly after this Tweet.

The reaction of Genshin Impact Fans Upon the takedown

There were mixed reactions regarding the shutdown of Honey Hunter Genshin. However, most fans were furious at the decision made by miHoYo. They thought it was entirely wrong to take down the website since it was such a rich and authentic source of information regarding Genshin Impact. Players greatly benefitted from Honey Hunter Genshin.

Ashikai, a Genshin Impact player, tweeted his disbelief at what miHoYo was doing. He said:

“Guys, this is bad. Mihoyo has just started the process of having HoneyHunter taken down. Honey is currently the largest Genshin content database and includes everything from story content to voice lines in every language. 1/?.”

Fans worldwide were genuinely angry and disappointed to learn that Honey Hunter Genshin would be shut down soon. The website acted as a perfect guide for players and kept them informed regarding new updates and guides on the game.

Nonetheless, not every Genshin Impact player was angry about the decision of miHoYo. Some players decided to support the conclusion of the takedown. Marina said in a tweet:

“People in the comments kill me. It sucks we’re losing Honey, but MHY asked people nicely multiple times not to post, share or leak unreleased content, and you all refuse to listen. Now they are following the legal consequences of the NDA and other laws as is their right.”

MonstaTsukki also supported miHoYo’s decision by tweeting:

“I am going, to be frank. “Behind our backs”? Really? Let’s be clear; you are stealing someone’s work to be with you and putting up leaked stuff on your website. That’s not a generous act. It’s just pure content robbery. Now you are just paying the price.”

All these tweets form two sides of the same coin. Some people thought that miHoYo could warn Honey Hunter Genshin to remove all unreleased content and promise that such a thing would not happen in the future instead of simply taking down the portal. People, on the other hand, think that miHoYo holds the right to takedown Honey Hunter Genshin as it has been stealing and leaking content for quite a long time.

However, things are back to normal at today’s date as Honey Hunter Genshin is back up online and working. You can access the portal through this link: https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/.

Wrapping Up

Honey Hunter Genshin has been restored after being taken down by the creators of Genshin Impact. The breach and illegal sharing of unreleased content was the main issue that led to all these chains of events. Comment down below your views regarding this article. Thank you for reading!

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