Chardham Yatra Itinerary

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By Alex James

10 Days Itinerary of Char dham yatra from Dehradun

The Char dham yatra is a pilgrimage to the four sacred Hindu temples in the Indian Himalayas, namely Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. The yatra typically takes around ten days to complete and can be started from the city of Dehradun. The itinerary is designed to provide an immersive experience of the Chardham yatra and includes travel, sightseeing, and religious activities. 

The best season for the Chardham Yatra tour is between May and November; nevertheless, it is preferable to avoid monsoons and travel between May and June. Moreover, it’s also the most convenient time to travel, allowing for easy access to places and enhanced sightseeing opportunities.

Below is a detailed itinerary for a 10-day Chardham yatra from Dehradun. You can also opt for the Chardham yatra by Helicopter package from Dehradun to complete the trip in 5-6 days. Now, let’s have a detailed look at the itinerary from LIH Travel. Let’s check. 

Char Dham Yatra From Dehradun Itinerary

Day 1: Prepare for Exploration

Now that you have acquired the essentials, you may go on a journey that will drastically change your viewpoint. Start your adventure by traveling from Haridwar to Barkot.

Whether selected for a Chardham Yatra package or set out on your own, Barkot hotels guarantee pleasant accommodation. Hence, rest for the day or opt for local sightseeing and then sleep.

Day 2: Hike to Sacred Yamunotri

Early in the morning, depart for Janki Chatti, from which a hike will bring you to your initial Char Dham Yatra destination. Moreover, a 6km hike through Hanuman Chatti and Phool Chatti is an exciting journey.

During your Chardham Yatra Uttarakhand journey, dip in Garam Kund and do Pooja at the temple devoted to Yamunotri Ji upon entering the holy site. The major attractions include Hanuman Chatti, Yamunotri Temple, Surya Kund, and Divya Shila. Head back to Barkot on the same day via Janki Chatti.

Day 3: Proceed to Uttarkashi

To visit your next Char Dham Yatra location, proceed to Uttarkashi. Do not overlook sites such as the Prakateshwar Caves en route. Moreover, when at Uttarkashi, take advantage of other tourist destinations like Viswanath Temple, Kedar Tal, Harsil, and more.

Day 4: Visit Gangotri and Back

The morning is ideal for a journey to the sacred Gangotri. The following day, do puja and bathe in the holy river before departing for Uttarkashi. That’s for the third day of the Char dham yatra.

Day 5: Base Camp at Picturesque Guptkashi

Get ready for an exciting journey to Kedarnath. To minimize fatigue, you can split the journey into two halves. First, travel from Uttarkashi to Guptkashi and stay the night there.

Guptkashi is an exotic, magnolia-scented village that also provides a magnificent vista of Chaukhamba Peak. There are several alternatives for affordable lodging.  Evening visits to Vishwanath Temple and Ardh Narishwar Temple are recommended.

Day 6: Trek to Kedarnath

As a second stage, hike to the high Kedarnath hills for darshan and worship for your Char Dham yatra. Observe the spirituality and natural splendor that permeate the atmosphere of Kedarnath. Moreover, spend the night close to the shrine.

Day 7: Leave for Rudraprayag

Following morning worship at the temple, follow the same route to Gaurikund (last road head). Upon arrival, you may travel immediately to Rudraprayag by car. This little village is where the rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda meet. Rudraprayag, often known as the abode of the gods, is an ideal base for travellers travelling to Kedarnath or Badrinath.

Day 8: Reach Badrinath

Commence your Char Dham yatra on the eighth day early in the morning for a hassle-free darshan and worship at Badrinath Temple. Moreover, take a refreshing dip at Tapt Kund and check out the nearby Mata Murty Temple, Vyas Gufa, Bhim Pul, Narad Kund, and Mana Village.

Day 9: Rudraprayag To Dehradun

Head back to Rudraprayag following your Char Dham yatra and have a leisurely tour of the city, and explore the sites you missed. Furthermore, you can explore Dehradun and rest at your booked accommodation for the night. 

Day 10: Departure

That’s all for the Chardham Yatra tour. Now, the agents will drop you at the airport or station, where you will make your way back to your hometown.


The Chardham Yatra is a self-discovery experience and enlightenment that allows pilgrims to obtain a greater knowledge of themselves and their position in the world. The Char Dham Yatra is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy the splendor and tranquillity of the Indian Himalayas. If you are planning your Chardham, then you can book your package with LIH Travel. So, book your dates with us and embark on this spiritual journey.

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